Social media is changing the way the world communicates. It links parts of the world never before connected, opening up new avenues for sharing information and connecting people. And it's having a huge impact. As President Donald Trump famously announced on his beloved Twitter, "My use of social media is not presidential. It's MODERN DAY PRESIDENTIAL." Say what you will about him, but he has been able to tap into the power of social media in unprecedented ways.

Social media is also changing the way business communicates with customers. Many companies have embraced social media, although not all of them have mastered it. Still, it's clear that social media is the way of the future. It will be fascinating to watch as it evolves over time.

Mashable founded Social Media Day in 2010 to celebrate social media's revolution in global communication. Here are 50 quotes on social media that praise its value, appreciate its potential, and lament its darker side:

1. " has allowed me to reach my fans directly. Social media has been a complete revolution of how to interact, promote, and share things." ?

2. "If you make unhappy in the physical world, they might each tell 6 friends. If you make customers unhappy on the Internet, they can each tell 6,000 friends." ? Jeff Bezos

3. "Privacy is dead, and social media hold the smoking ." ? Pete Cashmore

4. "A is no longer what we tell the consumer it is - it is what consumers tell each other it is." ? Scott Cook

5. "The value of being connected and transparent is so high that the roadbumps of privacy issues are much lower in actual experience than people's fears." ?

6. "Social media policies will never be able to cure stupid." ? Nichole Kelly

7. "Twitter is a great place to tell the world what you're thinking before you've had a chance to about it." ? Chris Pirillo

8. "People influence people. Nothing influences people more than a recommendation from a trusted friend. A referral influences people more than the best broadcast message. A trusted referral is the of advertising." ? Mark Zuckerberg

9. "The beauty of social media is that it will point out your company's . The key question is how quickly you address these flaws." ?

10. "I doubt I would be here if it weren't for social media, to be honest with you. Tweeting is like a typewriter - when I put it out, you put it immediately on your show. When somebody says something about me, I am able to go bing, bing, bing, and I take care of it. The other way, I would never be able get the word out." ?

11. "Much like the and who discovered before him, President uses the platform to tell his story, his way. There is no editorial board, no fact checkers, no advisers, no filters -- just a direct conduit to tens of millions of ." ? Professor David Gerzof Richard

12. "Ultimately, brands need to have a role in society. The best way to have a role in society is to understand how people are about things in real time." ? Jean-Philippe Maheu

13. "Most bloggers who rise above the clutter are quite often prolific - they work hard, not just content but networking, engaging in social media, and more." ? Darren Rowse

14. "There are no , no hidden tracks, and no secret handshakes that can bring you immediate success, but with time, energy and determination you can get there." ? Darren Rowse

15. "People get to feeling all the time because it gives them a high; being self-righteous and morally superior feels good." ? Mark Manson

16. "You can buy - that's advertising. You can beg for attention from the media - that's PR. You can bug people one at a time to get attention - that's . Or you can earn attention by creating something interesting and valuable and then publishing it online for free." ? David Meerman Scott

17. "Please repeat: Influence is NOT popularity!" ? Brian Solis

18. "All one needs is a , a network connection, and a bright spark of initiative and creativity to join the economy." ? Don Tapscott

19. "You are what you tweet." ? Alex Tew

20. "Technology and social media have brought power back to the people." ? Mark McKinnon

21. "Social media is something of a double-edged sword. At its best, social media offers unprecedented for marginalized people to speak and bring much needed attention to the issues they face. At its worst, social media also offers everyone an unprecedented opportunity to share in collective outrage without reflection." ? Roxane Gay

22. "We live in a where everyone's opinion, view, and assessment of situations and people spill across social media, a lot of it anonymously, much of it shaped by mindless meanness and ignorance." ? Mike Barnicle

23. "Social media has given us this idea that we should all have a posse of , when in reality, if we have one or two really good friends, we are ." ? Brene Brown

24. "Social media is an amazing tool, but it's really the face-to-face interaction that makes a long-term ." ? Felicia Day

25. "Social media has colonized what was once a sacred space occupied by emptiness: the space reserved for thought and ." ? Mahershala Ali

26. "The information you get from social media is not a substitute for discipline." ? Bill Nye

27. "A large social media presence is important because it's one of the last ways to conduct cost-effective marketing. Everything else involves buying eyeballs and . Social media enables a small business to earn eyeballs and ears." ? Guy Kawasaki

28. "Just as we teach our children how to ride a , we need to teach them how to navigate social media and make the right moves that will help them. The physical world is similar to the virtual world in many cases. It's about being aware. We can prevent many debacles if we're educated." ? Amy Jo Martin

29. "The PC has improved the world in just about every area you can think of. Amazing developments in communications, collaboration, and efficiencies. New kinds of entertainment and social media. Access to information and the ability to give a voice people who would never have been heard." ? Bill

30. "Social media are a catalyst for the advancement of everyone's rights. It's where we're reminded that we're all human and all equal. It's where people can find and fight for a cause, global or local, popular or specialized, even when there are hundreds of miles between them." ? Rania of Jordan

31. "With social media, with Instagram and selfies and all these apps that are trying to make you look perfect - it's hard for girls to grow up nowadays with all that stuff." ? Meghan Trainor

32. "A lot of people who are 'social media stars' aren't considered to be 'real ,' and people underestimate the amount of work it takes to edit and upload a video every single day and document your life like that." ? Shawn Mendes

33. "From the streets of Cairo and the Arab Spring, to Occupy Wall Street, from the busy political calendar to the aftermath of the tsunami in Japan, social media was not only sharing the news but it." ? Dan Rather

34. "Shallow emotions. An incapacity to feel genuine love. A need for stimulation. Frequent verbal outbursts. Poor behavioral controls. These are just some of the things that social media are encouraging in all of us. They're also a pretty comprehensive diagnostic checklist for sociopathy - in fact, that's where I got the ." ? Milo Yiannopoulos

35. "Social media has allowed groups, such as ISIL, to use the Internet to spot and assess potential . With the widespread horizontal distribution of social media, terrorists can identify vulnerable individuals of all ages in the United States - spot, assess, recruit, and radicalize - either to travel or to conduct a attack." ? James Comey

36. "The is I've been doing Kickstarter before there was Kickstarter. There was no Internet. 'Social media' was writing letters, making phone calls, beating the bushes." ? Spike Lee

37. "What you say about me, my , and on my social media says a lot more about your character than it does mine." ? Tomi Lahren

38. "Caricatured as navel-gazers, are said to live for their 'likes' and status updates. But the young people I know often leverage social media in selfless ways." ? Chelsea Clinton

39. "The place where I think social media fails is in showing the knowledge, the tradition of stitching the clothing, of cutting the fabric, of the tannery, of the skinning of the jewels. This knowledge needs respect. Online and social media is the , but we need to learn from the past, too." ? Giuseppe Zanotti

40. "I completely understand social media as a method of promotion and digesting information, but it just seems like a colossal waste of time to me, and there's a million other ways I'd rather waste my time." ?

41. "Regardless of what the naysayers believe about human interaction and social media, the data show us that the abundance of technology is actually increasing the abundance of all over the world." ? Peter Diamandis

42. "You cannot underestimate people's ability to spot tactic a million miles away. It's a big reason why so many companies that have dipped a toe in social media waters have failed miserably." ? Gary Vaynerchuk

43. "I hear the same anxieties over and over again. Everything is too fast; everything is too precarious. We have more access than ever to the people we are trying to reach, thanks to social media and mobile technology, and more than we know what to do with." ? Anna Wintour

44. "Today, when you look at social media, you see that the narrative can be overtaken by people just from Twitter and Instagram. I know when Ferguson was going down those first few nights, I was watching on the ground on Twitter, not CNN." ? Ava DuVernay

45. "The creative destruction that social media is currently unleashing will change more than technology or the board of the Fortune 100. It is driving a qualitative shift in the nature of relationships between brands and their customers." ? Simon Mainwaring

46. "'' only works in the movies. Social Media is a 'build it, nurture it, engage them, and they may come and stay.'" ? Seth Godin

47. "The is polarized. And I think part of it - it is not just social media. We get our facts from different places. People self-select with so many different cable channels and so many sources. I think that is a huge problem." ? Henry Paulson

48. "Twitter is not a technology, it's a - and it's happening with or without you." ? Charlene Li

49. "Social media is addictive precisely because it gives us something which the real world lacks. It gives us immediacy, direction, and value as an individual." ? David Amerland

50. "Listening is one of the most important things a brand can do online. If your brand is just broadcasting its own agenda, it isn't truly in conversation." ? Jeremy Goldman

Published on: Jun 29, 2018
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