People often complain about being burdened. They feel oppressed by work, family, the government or even just the responsibility of living as a member of society. Some of this burden is health. It's gives people purpose and grounds them. But others strive for freedom and independence, the opportunity to control one's destiny.

Entrepreneurs are known for having a free spirit. They break their bonds to stretch beyond what society dictates. Not everyone has that rebel instinct or capability, but anyone can be inspired to gain fore freedom and independence through small actions.

1. Set clear goals for yourself.

People don't just get in a car and drive aimlessly. Knowing a destination allows you the freedom of deciding the best route for success. Allow yourself the power and freedom to chart your course, rather than letting others burden you with their expectations.

2. Decide what you don't want to do.

People are often stuck doing things that make them feel uncomfortable or unfulfilled. Take charge and repel the things that don't make you the person you want to be. Give yourself permission to seek a different path toward the success you really want in your life.

3. Say "no" in a positive way.

The word "No" is inherently negative to many and can cause stress and frustration when heard. But saying "No" when you need to is also highly liberating. Stand strong and proud when you deny unreasonable requests.

4. Inspire others to join your movement.

The thought that if you fail to succeed, there is no one there to help you get up can be debilitating. Inspire others to join your movement and work alongside you. Let the collective be stronger than the individual, and feel the burden lifted on to the shoulders of others to be shared.

5. Invest in your learning.

Ignorance is not bliss. A lack of knowledge and understanding will chain you to the very spot you stand. Constant learning is the best way to unlock new ideas and expand your opportunities. The more you grow and learn, the more control you will be able to exert in your professional and personal development.

6. Seek out feedback early.

When stuck on a track that is wrong, it's hard to abandon the investment. The burden of critiquing yourself can be difficult, restrictive and stressful. Turn to others for feedback releasing that burden, helping you develop and grow before it's too late. The truth will set you free.

7. Carve out "Me" time.

A busy life leaves little time for useful reflection. Contemplate your life, think through your next steps, exert a greater sense of control over your life allowing you to be proactive rather than reactive.

8. Disconnect from negative people in your life.

In his book "Change Your Brain, Change Your Life," Dr. Daniel Amen notes that one of the unhealthiest habits of people is to hang around with other negative people. People that project negative thoughts, bring us down and close off the possibilities before us. Fill your circle with people that inspire you to seek out new horizons.