The next four weeks can be the craziest time of the year. Not only do you have to contend with holiday parties, family reunions and gift shopping, but on top of that, it's the end of quarter and end of year for business. The distractions, both in the office and at home can make you tired and unfocused.

Personally, I enjoy the holiday time. The month of December is a great transition month readying me for the New Year. I get to catch up with friends, celebrate my birthday (#50 this year), and reevaluate the past 11 months. I use the time between Xmas and New Years to rest and relax so I am poised to go January 2nd. My number one priority for December is to clear my brain of any lingering unresolved issues. I like to start my year with a clean slate and a solid plan. Then I can enjoy my time off while feeling content.

Here are additional insights from my Inc. colleagues

1. Focus on your sales funnel.

If your company needs to make a number every quarter (either to stay afloat or keep investors happy), you need to focus not only on what you can sign by the end of the year, but also what you have in place for the first quarter. Use the holidays as an excuse to get in front of your customers to find out what's important to them. Customers buy from vendors that help them make their own personal goals. The more you can show your customer how your company will help them attain that goal (promotion, bonus, even a job change), the more valuable you become and successful you will be in laying the groundwork for a fruitful 1st quarter. --Lean Forward

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2. Get the shopping done.

My husband comes from a big Irish-American family where piles of Christmas presents were always the tradition. On top of that, two of his children and three of his grandchildren have birthdays in proximity to the holidays. So this time of year, a lot of gift shopping just has to get done. Increasingly, I do it online. I can avoid holiday traffic and the insanity of the mall, I can pore over product reviews, choose from a zillion products and take advantage of holiday deals. No wonder there's such a huge trend away from bricks and toward clicks for gift buying. --The Laid Back Leader

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3. Get clear on the vision.

While it's certainly important to review year-end checklists, my top priority is always vision. I never go into a New Year without a clear vision for me personally, as well as my business. I feel that all of the planning, reviewing, and goal-setting is insignificant without a bird's eye view of my ideal future. I spend time writing the answers to questions like: Who am I now, and who do I wish to be? And, what do I value most about my business and what will add to that value? Give it a try. Take yourself to a quiet setting where you feel inspired and think about your future. Only with vision are you able to make it happen. --The Successful Soloist

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4. Spend time with your peeps.

The one thing I've got to do each year during the holiday season is to remember put the work aside for a while, and to spend some relaxed quality time with my clients, friends, and family. Like most entrepreneurs, I'm a bit of a workaholic, and I tend to be on the job 24/7. The holidays are the perfect time to remember what's really important--and that's the people who are important in our lives. The work will still be there waiting for me on January 2nd. --The Management Guy

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