Video Transcript

00:11 Kevin Daum: If you wanna kill the competition with creativity, you're gonna have to follow five rules. Rule number one: Respect your opponent. Disparaging your opponent only brings down your own reputation and allows you to underestimate their real capability. Always assume that your opponent is smarter, better, more creative than you are. That way you'll always play at your highest level. Rule number two: Play to win. So many companies just play to survive or, quite honestly, just play to get through the day. That's not going to make you a fierce competitor in the market place. You wanna kill your competition, knock 'em to the ground. Bring all of your resources and all of your creativity. Give it the time, the energy, the focus that's deserving of being a winner.

00:52 Daum: Rule number three: Use all of your resources. If you only get ideas and you only get execution from the people that are in your inner circle, then you're very limited in what you can actually accomplish. Today, we have many resources at our fingertips through the Internet, through TV, through people around us. The more you learn, the more each of your individual employees and team members learn, the more resources they can bring back to the table and the better chance you have of coming up with an idea that's truly spectacular. Rule number four: Keep your ego in your wallet where it belongs. Now I have one of the biggest egos in the world, but it's not gonna do me much good if I'm constantly worried about whether I'm right or whether I'm wrong. The only thing I care about is, is the idea that's put forward actually going to move the bar ahead? . Is it going to give us the competitive edge we need to be number one and be number one for a long, sustained time?

01:44 Daum: Rule number five: Pursue the awesome experience. You need to find the convergence of need, entertainment, and the unexpected. It's truly only awesome, truly only when you make a memorable impact in your customer's mind, beyond just a good relationship and providing them a service. That's when you're gonna win and that's when you're gonna kick your competition to the ground.