Your job can feel like a never-ending grind. For some people, day in and day out, they work hard for too much time and too little money and fulfillment. It can seem like the pressure is always on, without a break for catching your breath or improving your craft. To maintain the quality of your work, you need to take a pause every once in a while. How can anyone meet the demands work places on their time, while also making room for personal life, appreciating what they have, and getting better at what they do?

Work doesn't have to feel this overwhelming. With some subtle shifts in attitude, your job could start taking on a whole new meaning for you. Instead of feeling overworked and underappreciated, you could start feeling inspired and motivated. Instead of feeling fraught with worry, you could feel full of new ideas. Trying a new approach could reap great benefits. Your renewed interest may solidify the trust your boss has in you, and make him willing to give you that extra responsibility. There may be a promotion around the corner for the person who's willing to put in the extra effort. Perhaps you will discover a new passion that will take you further in this job - or the next one.

Now that Labor Day is over, here are tips on how to make your work, work harder for you:

1.     Think Beyond Today

No matter how odious the task, there's almost always something to be learned. Perhaps an outdated process is crying out for new methodology. Perhaps a colleague is silently looking for help. Think about the task as a whole. At its core, what is it, and why does it need to be done? What skills does the work require? What would a more-qualified candidate for the job look like? Now that you've identified the basics, what would it take for you to become that better-qualified person? Are there other skills that could be relevant to your job that you've yet to master? Now is the time to learn all you can from your current job. Collect skills and knowledge now so you can put it to use in the future.

2.     Reframe Your Resume

If you're like many people, it's been a while since you carefully examined your resume. Take a close look. Is it up to date? Accurate? What else should you add to it? As you view it as a whole, are there glaring holes that need to be filled? How might you fill them? What in your current job could you leverage to bulk up your resume for your future? Maybe your boss offered to send you to a conference, or perhaps your company offers some training courses. Take advantage of these opportunities.

3.     Count Your Blessings

Take heart: even though it might sometimes feel like it, it's not actually all bad. There is opportunity around every corner, if you know how to recognize and then take advantage of them. There's something to be gained in every task, even if it's small. Focus on gratitude: you have a job that pays the bills and provides something for your family. Bigger and better things are on the horizon. The thing to do now is to embrace the skills and people that come your way. Overturn every stone and explore every possibility. You never know where things may lead you.

4.     Explore Your Options

It's possible that despite your good attitude and best efforts to make it worth your while, your current position is simply not the right fit. If that's the case, don't cower in fear of a change. Instead, embrace it. What are some of the things in your current job that you actually enjoy? Are there areas you've always wanted to explore? Get everything you can out of your present position, and start looking for the next step. Where are your passions? What have you always wanted to do? Start going through your Rolodex of people for someone who can plug you into the area you desire. In the meantime, how can you work some of those areas of interest into your current job?