Feel like you've been running the business on fumes and living in survival mode for the past two years? You're not alone. The fire energy in the Chinese Snake year (2013) and Horse year (2014) put many in a state of "fight or flight." But relief is on its way!

According to Feng Shui Master Pun-Yin, the Chinese New Year of the Sheep, beginning on February 19th, is a welcome respite. In this helpful video, she states that the Year of the Sheep could be calmer, therefor, helpful for transformation, healing and resetting. Master Pun-Yin suggests that "Work smarter, not harder" could be the wise approach for people who know how to utilize the wisdom of Feng Shui and Five Elements Astrology systems.

The rocky and difficult nature of the last two years has in many cases caused survival mode reactions. You may have taken drastic action to solve issues leaving you frayed and fragile. This year, the nurturing earth energy of the sheep asks you to respond instead of react, clearing negative energy and setting positive intentions that will serve you in the future.

This change in approach won't be easy to affect without taking specific steps. Master Pun-Yin suggests to really set up your year for moving in a powerful direction, these Feng Shui actions will help you prepare a calm inner and outer environment for the coming New Year.

1. Clear off negative energy.

Get yourself on a negativity detox! Identify the distractions that disturb your peace like fearsome thoughts, annoying people, obsessive things, and overwhelming places. Then, release or minimize contact with those items to ensure a positive year. Create strong, healthy boundaries for yourselves and others. It's imperative to clear negativity from your life so you are open to the positive energy to come.

2. Set a positive foundation.

This is the year to build a strong base of future goals. Stimulate and save up good karma by doing good deeds like volunteering and charity work. Further your educational goals now so you're ready when opportunity strikes. Your life could improve through intention and action, so, firmly plant good seeds. Master Pun-Yin advises that physical direction matters and the most powerful place to set positive intentions for the coming year is the South-East side of your home. This is also a great place to connect and say prayers of gratitude, whether to God, to the spirits of your ancestors, or to the universe.

3. Create a positive environment and maintain the energy.

You'll want a place that will calm you in times of strife. Set up a safe zone in a corner of your home. The North is the most nurturing direction, according to Master Pun-Yin. You can retreat to this place at the end of the day to clear your mind, meditate, and release stress. Activate the energy of this direction by retreating there often. Try decorating it with images of the blue sky and white cloud or a seaside resort, which is calming to the senses. Whatever calming items you choose, make this place a healing sanctuary which will help recharge your energy for the year and ready you for rousing success.

You can watch the entire interview with Master Pun-Yin by clicking here.