If you're a regular reader of this column, you know I love tequila. (No, not that gold-colored devil's mouthwash you developed an aversion to in college - I'm talking about high quality sipping tequila you can enjoy as much as any scotch.) So you won't be surprised that I love Cinco de Mayo. I was born and raised in California, so the opportunity to enjoy delicious Mexican food and my favorite liquor feels like a holiday made just for me.

I also love smart marketing. One of my core values is creativity, and it never fails to disappoint how little imagination many companies put into their marketing. Whether it's around a holiday or any time of the year, there are lots of ways to market that are more fun for you and more engaging for customers. Sometimes they're also less expensive to produce.

These companies below have combined two of my favorite things: Cinco de Mayo and clever marketing. Let these companies inspire you to infuse some originality in your marketing:

1.     Tequila Tutorial

Park Lounge at the Park Central Hotel in New York has designed an event after my own heart: their mixologist is teaching a class on making tequila-based cocktails. Delicious!

2.     Donkey Display

Truly living up to its name, Ghost Donkey bar in New York is getting a visit from an actual donkey for guests to take pictures with. They're also featuring a mariachi-hip hop band and a nacho-eating contest.

3.     Kids' Corner

Cinco de Mayo is fantastic fun for adults, but what about families with kids? This Chicago bar has it figured out. Tuco and Blondie will have kids crafts and face painting, plus fun patio games for grownups. Plus taco bars for all!

4.     Festive Funny

This Chicago restaurant chain and brewing company is going to bring some laughs to Cinco de Mayo. Gino's East Brewing Company will host a bilingual standup night featuring the city's best Spanish-speaking comedians.

5.     Terrific Taco

This New York bar is making Cinco de Mayo positively decadent! Taco Dumbo is giving away a taco with gold leaf at each of their locations. If you're the lucky winner, you get free tacos for a year!

6.     Puebla Pabulum

This DC-area restaurant is putting a historical twist on Cinco de Mayo. Urbano 116 is serving a four-course meal of Franco-Mexican cuisine. This, of course, is a reference to Mexico's victory over France in the Battle of Puebla on May 5, 1862.

7.     LA Loco

Lucha VaVoom is a traveling Mexican-themed show that is going all out for Cinco de Mayo. Their Cinco de Mayan celebration will include Aztec dancers, aerialists, mariachi bands, and different types of tequilas.

8.     Dallas Disco

You'd expect a taco restaurant to celebrate Cinco de Mayo in style, but this Dallas taqueria is making it super suave. Taco Cabana is hosting free salsa lessons, followed by a salsa dance party.