Being a boss is hard. It doesn't always come naturally. Many who want to move up the ladder don't really consider whether they have what it takes to consistently motivate people to do good work.

Incredible bosses aren't always born that way. Most work hard to learn techniques that are useful and productive. Once they find the right approach, they must ingrain that process into their daily behavior. In short, they must create strong and simple habits that support the team and manage the objectives. Here are some habits to emulate that will make you into the best boss you can be.

1. Listening

When you are intensely focused on getting things done, it's difficult to lift up your head and open your ears. Incredible bosses make listening a priority. They shut off their inner voice so they can be fully aware of what's being said by the person talking. They know it's important to let people truly feel heard.

2. Caring

It's not enough to be dedicated to the company and the work. Incredible bosses show genuine compassion and empathy for their team. They help each person on the team to achieve his or her best. They derive great joy from the happiness and success of those around them.

3. Sharing

People don't work at their best when they feel isolated from important information. Incredible bosses proactively keep their people in the loop. They facilitate structured and efficient communication so individual team players can act with knowledge and confidence.

4. Thinking

A reactive approach can create waste and frustration. Incredible bosses put their brain to use before taking action. They use their experience and powers of observation to carefully consider the necessary tactics that will solve the problem with minimal repercussions.

5. Planning

Talented people expending effort without a clear plan will squander time and energy. Incredible bosses understand the value of spending time to plan and account for obstacles up front. They are adept at setting milestones and making sure the team knows how to work together.

6. Organizing

A haphazard approach can derail the team and keep them from achieving their goal. Incredible bosses know how to get the right people managing the right tasks so team members are utilized for their highest and best use.

7. Empowering

A team dependent upon the leader for decisions will move slowly or even stall. Incredible bosses give power to the team members through information and expectations. Each person is given the authority to make critical decisions and the confidence to know whether he or she is right.

8. Inspiring

Money is not a sufficient motivator for top talent. Incredible bosses know that a clear vision, consistent examples, and meaningful accomplishment are the key components for inspiration among the team.

Published on: May 4, 2015
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