The Great Seal of the United States says, "E pluribus unum," or, "From many, one." And indeed, at least once a year, everyone in America shares the same heritage. There are about 35 million Americans with actual Irish ancestry, but that doesn't stop everyone else from embracing their inner leprechaun once a year. I come from strong Eastern European Jewish stock, without a drop of Irish blood. I was also a theater major in college, so wishing "good luck" is taboo. But every March 17, I'm as Irish as Paddy's pig, wishing good luck to everyone I meet.

Any Irishman will tell you it's better to be lucky than good, and that wisdom is especially true on St. Patrick's Day. I'm a firm believer in making your own luck, and in my experience, luck is usually anything but random. But whether you like green beer, horseshoes, or corned beef and cabbage, these quotes will help you break a leg on St. Patrick's Day!

1. "Good luck is when opportunity meets preparation, while bad luck is when lack of preparation meets reality." - Eliyahu Goldratt

2. "Depend on the rabbit's foot if you will, but remember it didn't work for the rabbit." - R. E. Shay

3. "I think luck is the sense to recognize an opportunity and the ability to take advantage of it. The man who can smile at his breaks and grab his chances gets on." - Samuel Goldwyn

4. "Diligence is the mother of good luck." - Benjamin Franklin

5. "I think we consider too much the good luck of the early bird and not enough the bad luck of the early worm." - Franklin D. Roosevelt

6. "Luck is everything. My good luck in life was to be a really frightened person. I'm fortunate to be a coward, to have a low threshold of fear, because a hero couldn't make a good suspense film." - Alfred Hitchcock

7. "Put 'P' before the word 'Luck' and you have the password to the attainment of all your desires." - Walter Matthews

8. "Luck is not chance. It's Toil. Fortune's expensive smile is earned." - Emily Dickinson

9. "You gotta try your luck at least once a day, because you could be going around lucky all day and not even know it." - Jimmy Dean

10. "For a long time now I have tried simply to write the best I can. Sometimes I have good luck and write better than I can." - Ernest Hemingway

11. "We must believe in luck. For how else can we explain the success of those we don't like?" - Jean Cocteau

12. "I don't like expeditions where it is a total lottery whether you live or die. You have to keep those sort of good luck cards for rare occasions!" - Bear Grylls

13. "Some luck lies in not getting what you thought you wanted but getting what you have, which once you have it you may be smart enough to see is what you would have wanted had you known." - Garrison Keillor

14. "Chance corrects us of many faults that reason would not know how to correct." - Francois de la Rochefoucauld

15. "Remember that sometimes not getting what you want is a wonderful stroke of luck." - Dalai Lama XIV

16. "You know, Hobbes, some days even my lucky rocket ship underpants don't help." - Bill Watterson

17. "I already won the lottery. I was born in the U.S. of A, baby." - Creed Bratton, The Office

Published on: Mar 15, 2019
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