You can always find a way to make more money. A change in attitude may increase appreciation by others. Time, however is limited and finite. There will always be only 60 seconds in a minute, 60 minutes in an hour, and 24 hours in a day.  A lost moment can never be recovered.

YPO member Michael Golway has dedicated his life and career to preserving time. He recognized early the connection between time and health. Since sickness and disease is the primary stealer of time, Golway believes that striving for anything less than profound and positive contributions to extending human life would be a waste of time. In that spirit, his company, Advanced Solutions Life Sciences, has developed cutting edge 3D printing technology capable of creating human tissue from source cells from the patient. Golway is working to give people the gift of more time.

As one who prizes time, Golway has developed useful thoughts on how you can maximize your most valuable commodity:

1.  Prioritize Your Passion  

The demands on your time are endless. Golway believes that if you recognize your passion, you can confront this challenge head on. "Since time is a limited, apply your time on activities and developing skills that are fulfilling and rewarding." Know what you want, and don't let the minutiae drag you down. Keep your energy high and your motivation sharp.

2.  Imagine the Potential  

When it comes to creating good in the world, Golway is a man of imagination. "The first industrial robot was invented by George Devol in 1954, and it weighed 4,000 pounds. Now it's 2017, and we can put a robot in a box and begin to teach it to build human organs." The evolution has been remarkable, and while the first 3D-printed organ hasn't arrived yet, Golway believes it's on the way. "I am convinced the of innovation will quickly close the remaining gap and allow my generation to realize the benefit." It's important to be happy, but it's also important to use your time well. Humans are capable of creating amazing things that can bring about profound change.

3.  Listen and Learn

"One of the best ways for you to realize your passion potential is to look others in the eye and to what they are saying," Golway says. When you listen, people will tell you what they really need, and you might be surprised at what you can offer each other. "Spend time with eye-to-eye human interaction." You might discover your passions are complementary, and you can help each other along in your pursuits.

4.  Plan Your Work, and Work Your Plan

Golway says it's important to attack your passion purposefully. "Collect your thoughts, , and ensure you are spending time on realizing your passion potential," he advises. Evaluate how well your activities are pushing you along the path. And stick to it, even when it's tough. "I've found that if I record in a journal or planner, I'm more likely to accomplish the plan." This mindfulness will help keep you focused and on the right path.

5.  Improve, Every Day

Golway points out that people today have access to most of the knowledge accumulated throughout human history, and it's never been more accessible. But we have to use it! "Commit to learning something new each day. It may result in discovering new passions and can certainly help improve your ability to realize your passion potential," he says. Even these small steps can lead to meaningful development. "I also recommend recording what you learn in a journal," he suggests. Be willing to open yourself up to new ideas and new experiences. You never know where they might lead.

6.  Surround Yourself with Positivity

When the world around you turns negative, you need to have people who can guide you back to the light. "Sometimes the effort to realize the value can be great and overwhelming," Golway warns. "It helps your chances of success if you are around others that have your back and you through the challenges." Passion requires hard work, and without these people around you, it makes the job that much harder.

7.  Keep

Golway has a healthy sense of his place in the world. "There have been an estimated 108 billion human beings that have lived on earth during the last 50 million years. It is highly likely that your life is far better than over 95% of the 108 billion people that have ever lived." So when confronted with a challenge, remember all those who came before you, and make the most of your opportunity.

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