You don't have to see very many beer or car ads to know that sex sells. Companies often use underlying images of sex to capture audiences' time and respective attention. Often it works, but the overuse and inappropriate use of sexual terms and imagery often results in sexploitation and even offensive misogyny.

Certainly a lingerie company would want to capitalize on its natural relationship with sex to grow sales. That approach has worked for lingerie giant Victoria Secret as it struts its stuff on TV every winter. But supermodels making guys drool is appealing to the wrong factor in the lingerie sales equation according to Mariela Rovito, CEO of lingerie company Eberjey.

Rovito, a member of the Young Presidents' Organization (YPO), is proving there are better ways to build a sexy business than exploiting sex for sales. She and her designer partner Ali Meija made a clear decision that the sex-fantasy approach to lingerie sales was contrary to their core values. As successful former ad executives, they considered the market they wanted to buy and set out to gain market share emphasizing quality in their products and respect in their marketing. Eberjey was created to sell lingerie to and for the people who actually wear it, women.

Today Eberjey is a top-selling lingerie brand in 1,400 specialty stores and 15 luxury department stores worldwide. Rovito and Mejia have expanded the product line beyond lingerie and have recently opened their first branded retail stores in Miami. They are also opening soon in New York's Meatpacking district and working toward two more store openings for 2016.

Here, Rovito shares tips on how to make your business sexy without actually selling sex.

1. Be Relatable.

Rovito understands that women are ultimately the ones that have to wear the lingerie and sleepwear, so it is crucial that women relate to the product and the marketing. Rovito explains the Eberjey approach. "We design for women because as women we know exactly what women want. We sell luxurious simplicity. And this is often experienced in the comfort of one's own home--our own sanctuary of connection, tranquility and comfort with those we love most. The image of a woman in sexy lingerie can be off putting and even intimidating for many women," says Rovito. "Many of today's images are a man's fantasy and that is not our primary target customer."

2. Extoll your authenticity.

Rovito and Mejia get to the core of how their customer and product relate in real life. "A woman's skin is soft and delicate and we take great care in designing every product with these elements in mind. We aim to offer an extension of each customer's own skin and are most successful when our customer reaches for Eberjey the moment she gets home. 'Slipping into something more comfortable' has actually taken on its true meaning without the need to prepare" for someone else." Rovito is delighted at how staying true to their core beliefs has expanded their market share in unexpected ways. "So back to sex, is it a necessary tool to sell this category? While it's the obvious and easy way out, we believe not. In fact, we are most proud of the many customers that gift Eberjey to family and friends when offering emotional support--to a new mom, a sick friend, a mourning family member, etc."

3. Present a consistent experience.

Rovito takes a bigger view beyond the bedroom to make their products desirable to the audience. She explains the approach, "This comfort experience is the virtual setting for all of our marketing messaging. Our models are always asked to look natural and relaxed, rather than posed in unnatural and awkward poses. We use a lot of outdoor photography to connect the customer with freedom, nature and joy--and although we do occasionally use bedroom settings, they never scream sex. Hair and make-up is always kept to a minimum in this same effort-- we want our customers to relate to the girl of the season and feel like they too can experience this feeling of pure mind and spirit. We make sexy look attainable."

4. Emphasize practicality.

Rovito explains that some of the sexy lingerie from competitors can actually be rather uncomfortable for women, regardless of what the images of supermodels indicate. Women want to feel beautiful, but they also want to buy something that they can actually wear for more than five minutes. "We provide comfort without sacrificing fit or style and in turn we inspire an inner confidence that trumps overt physical sexiness time and time again," says Rovito. "When a woman feels comfortable in her intimates or sleepwear (and by proximity in her own skin), she exudes a kind of sexiness that can't be replicated with glossy magazine covers or angel wings."

5. Tease with what's not obvious.

Sexy is sexiest when it's discreet. Rovito does believe that there is a time to be sexy, but she points out that this often stems from the inside rather than just the outside packaging. "Certain things in the Eberjey collections can feel really sexy depending on how they are worn," she acknowledged. "It is how you wear something, how you feel in it, and how you carry yourself that exudes the ultimate qualities of sexiness- confidence and grace."

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