Some people are naturally positive. Others have to work hard to get there. There is a whole lot that can happen in a typical work-day that can create stress frustration and even anger.

The best way to combat tough days is to start them fresh in the first place. I take a few minutes and recite these blessings each day, which make me feel ready to take on the world. I hope they work for you as well.

1. The blessing for a good mind

I am grateful that I have been blessed with a wonderful mind. I get joy from thinking and learning. I will cultivate my mind today by reading, observing and exploring. My mind allows me to help others by sharing wisdom and experience.

2. The blessing for a healthy body

I am grateful for a healthy body. I get joy from motion and feeling. I will cultivate my body today by being aware of each movement of my limbs and feel my strength. I will take note of my five senses and revel in the experiences they provide. My body can support the good I can bring to the world.

3. The blessing for opportunity

I am grateful for the opportunities that come my way. I get joy from achieving success and sharing it with others. I will cultivate my opportunities today by evaluating those which serve the greater good, and pursuing them with vigor. Opportunity well executed is the pathway to happiness.

4. The blessing for the world around you

I am grateful for the earth and all its wonders. I get joy from nature and humanity in all its wonder. I will cultivate my relationship to the world today by learning something new about the earth and its culture and giving back in some small way. The world is the gives us purpose and connection.

5. The blessing for those close to you

I am grateful for those who enrich my life. I get joy from sharing life's little pleasures with those who share common values. I will cultivate good relationships today by letting people know I am appreciative for their company. It is the sharing with friends and loved ones that brings warmth to the heart.