You can spot a people person right off the bat. They move quickly around from desk to desk or person to person, and are generally the first to engage. There are many reasons to spend time with other people. You can learn, be entertained, bounce ideas, and just have general fun.

But solitude also has its blessings. With all the constant stimulation from meetings, computers and smartphones, a little isolation can restore the senses and recharge both mind and body. Check out these virtues to be gained from a touch of solitude.

1. Quiet your mind.

You know what brain fatigue feels like. You can't focus and have difficulty retaining small details. Add a little more stimulus or noise and you just feel exhausted at the end of the day. Private time allows you to turn down the volume on the outside world. Your ears may keep buzzing at first, but after 15 minutes with no one around, you'll start to feel the silence seep in and soon you may even hear something surprising, your own deep thoughts.

2. Unleash your creativity.

All that inbound communication can squash your own creative capabilities. Next time your are trying to think big and different, find a quiet room, close the door, and expand your brain. Allow yourself to float and dream. You may even solve stubborn small problems with great new ideas.

3. Engage in sincere reflection.

When everyone is pushing himself or herself upon you, it's hard to even think small thoughts about yourself. When you are alone, you can focus solely on you. You can examine your behaviors and test your assumptions. You can ponder your path to ensure you are heading toward your preferred destiny.

4. Let ideas percolate.

Not all ideas sound great at first listen. They might sound insane at the second and third listen as well. But, that doesn't mean that there isn't brilliance in some part of them. Sometimes their actual merit is overpowered by the advocacy of the presenter. When all others are gone, you can ponder a crazy idea or solution and allow it to simmer. It's possible you may find some benefit that surprisingly bubbles to the top.

5. Improve concentration.

If you are constantly bouncing from person to person and task to task, you are bound to create distraction and inefficiency. By the end of the day the constant switching from stimulus to stimulus can leave you frazzled and unfocused. Just 20 minutes a day of solitude can help you regain your focus so you can reset and concentrate on important and challenging projects.

6. Find clarity.

As incoming data piles up in our mind, the path can seem cloudy and opaque. People in your life can be helpful with feedback but at a certain point your journey requires personal ownership. Be your own best friend and guide to the future that belong to only you. Own the accomplishment in private and then you can happily share the glory in public with those who support you along the way.