In my experience, New Year’s Eve is the worst party night of the year. No other night is so anticipated, so hyped, or so weighed down with expectation. It feels like no matter how wild or fabulous the evening, someone else is always doing it bigger and better.

So bail on the big events! They’re awkward, expensive, and overdone. Plus you’ve been there and done that. All that awaits you down that road is an expensive Uber ride home and a hangover. So skip the fancy soiree and focus on your favorite people. Tell them to bring sleeping bags, and have them spend the night so no one has to go out on the road. Then you’ll get to wake up with your favorite people, too!

Here are tips on how to make your New Year’s Eve fun and relaxing for you and your friends:

1. Disaster or Horror Movie Viewing

If it were the last night on earth, whom would you want to spend it with? Hopefully the people you’ve invited to your movie viewing party. Make the popcorn, turn off all the lights, snuggle under the blankets, and notice who screams the loudest at the big moments. Get out all the demons from last year, and start the new one fresh.

2. Arts and Crafts

There aren’t many activities as relaxing as arts and crafts. Get some coloring books - they made funny ones for adults now! - and an array of colored pencils. Make friendship bracelets and key chains. Decorate the house with paper snowflakes, and have a contest to see who can make the most elaborate design.

3. Karaoke

Don’t pretend - you know you love it. Who cares about the quality of your voice? And even if you’re self conscious, you’re in a comfortable environment, and you can implement a video ban! You can find a karaoke machine at any party store, or just pull up the music videos and grab a “microphone” hairbrush. You’ll scream with laughter, rather than with pain from your uncomfortable party shoes.

4. Card Night

Poker. Gin. Group Solitaire. Let the competitive juices pump through your system and start the year off on a victory. Try to pick a combination of classic games, and ones that are new to everyone. Play for pride, construct a homemade trophy, or have everyone bring a fun $5 item to pool together for the grand prize. Loser has to clean up!

5. Pajama Party

This one is my favorite. Pajamas, pizza, and an incredibly relaxing evening with friends. What could be better? You may not ring in the new year with much style, but you’ll be content and well-fed. Don’t forget your slippers and toothbrush!