Beautiful headquarters. Delicious snacks. Adorable pooches. These features aren't required for running a fast-growing company, but they certainly make the experience more pleasant for employees. Check out some of the  best offices for companies that ranked on this year's annual list of the fastest-growing private companies in the U.S. 


2018 Inc. 5000 rank No. 24 Location Culver City, California

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Subscription-food company SnackNation has one of the cooler meeting rooms you'll find in a startup office. It looks like a giant sculpture that's been dropped into the middle of the room--until you notice the glass doors and conference table inside.

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The company delivers healthy snacks to corporations on a monthly basis. In the light-filled cafe, employees get to reap the benefits. The office also has a meditation room and offers yoga classes, many of which are taught by employees.

2018 Inc. 5000 rank No. 19 Location San Francisco

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In the headquarters of mindfulness startup Calm, the company's name feels like a directive. Employees and guests are greeted with peaceful, earthy colors accented with pops of sky blue. A swing and some cozy seating make you feel like you're in someone's backyard.

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Even when you're out of range of the windows, plant life and some cumulus clouds make the common areas feel like you're outside.


2018 Inc. 5000 rank No. 32 Location San Francisco

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Mesosphere, a startup that creates software for data centers, offers employees daily catered breakfast and lunch--plus the occasional dinner for those who stay late. In the kitchen, classic drink recipes serve as wall art.

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The cloud company has adopted a space theme, as evidenced by the astronaut cartoons hanging in this common area. Each represents a different employee persona, like "Archie the Architect" and "Alice the App Developer." Perhaps best of all: The office is dog-friendly.


2018 Inc. 5000 rank No. 17 Location New York City

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Feminine hygiene company Thinx uses pastel colors to make each of its communal offices unique. Employees are encouraged to work wherever in the space they feel comfortable. There's also a cozy breastfeeding room dubbed the Milk Bar, and a conference room equipped with soft, kid-friendly furniture.


2018 Inc. 5000 rank No. 71 Location New York City

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Real estate company Compass makes use of clean lines throughout its no-frills San Francisco office. It encourages collaboration with long bench seating and a classic open floor plan. Tall arch windows let in plenty of California sunlight.


2018 Inc. 5000 rank No. 98 Location Miami

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The headquarters of event planner Swarm are located just steps from the Atlantic Ocean. The space is filled with artwork by local graffiti artists, plus repurposed materials such as the painted shipping container doors seen here.   

Grove Collaborative

2018 Inc. 5000 rank No. 37 Location San Francisco

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Grove Collaborative, which sells safe, sustainable cleaning products on a subscription basis, incorporates nature into its design whenever possible. In addition to natural wood finishes and copious greenery, the company names each meeting room after a tree or shrub.

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Known as the Treehouse, Grove's loft serves as a quiet escape. It features soft furniture and a white-noise machine to drown out distractions. It's home to weekly meditation sessions for employees looking to get back in the right mindset. 


2018 Inc. 5000 rank No. 25 Location Brooklyn

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Bedding maker Brooklinen is growing rapidly, but it still works out of a WeWork in Brooklyn. It makes the space feel more like home by keeping some of its sheets laying around--a perk enjoyed by the many dogs roaming around the space.

Velocity Global

2018 Inc. 5000 rank No. 4 Location Denver

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Hiring startup Velocity Global moved its 78 employees into a 20,000-square-foot Denver headquarters last year. There's lots of open space in the airy, three-story building. Four- and two-person pods are great for meetings or some solo work.