Elon Musk has made his concerns about the growing capabilities of artificial intelligence clear in recent years.

Luckily, the entrepreneur has a solution to prevent the machines from overtaking humanity: become one with the robots. Speaking at the World Government Summit in Dubai on Monday, Musk said that humans eventually will need to combine their capabilities with those of machines.

"Over time, I think we will probably see a closer merger of biological intelligence and digital intelligence," Musk said, according to CNBC. "It's mostly about the bandwidth, the speed of the connection between your brain and the digital version of yourself, particularly output."

As Musk explained, computers are capable of communicating a trillion bits of information per second, while humans can communicate a mere 10 bits per second. Currently, though, A.I. is fairly specialized, capable of performing specific tasks like driving cars or mining databases for relevant information.

Once machines achieve artificial general intelligence--an all-encompassing understanding of the world--they will be smarter than the world's smartest people, thus rendering humans useless.

Musk, therefore, believes that humans will have to create a "high bandwidth interface" between computers and the brain. In other words, humans essentially will become cyborgs. This will let people take advantage of the machines' far superior capabilities, according to Musk's vision.

The entrepreneur has warned of humans' need to combat A.I. in the past. Last year, he implied that he was worried Google's A.I. in particular might become so smart that it could pose a threat to people. (For the record, Eric Schmidt, chairman of Google's parent company Alphabet, has said previously that he thinks A.I. fears are overblown.) In 2015, Musk co-founded OpenAI, a nonprofit dedicated to ensuring that artificial intelligence is used only for good. He's also said that machines will replace so many jobs that government-provided universal income will someday be necessary, an idea that he doubled down on Monday at the Dubai summit, according to Fast Company.

Tesla, which has said all its new vehicles will be capable of being fully autonomous beginning this year, might play a big role in displacing those workers.

"We need to figure out new roles for what do those people do," Musk said about those who drive for a living, according to CNBC. "It will be very disruptive and very quick."