Welcome to the 256th episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by senior writer Christine Lagorio-Chafkin

First in this episode, staff reporter Guadalupe Gonzalez discusses Facebook's new "Off-Facebook Activity," which lets users see how the company tracks them all across the internet. Facebook collects huge amounts of data on practically everyone who uses it, but is it a necessary evil? 

Next, I talk about the new age of Super Bowl commercials. A 30-second spot will cost a record $5.6 million this year. Considering the amount of traction the game's ads can get these days, however, that price tag might be a bargain. 

Finally, staff writer Emily Canal talks about how companies that don't have $5 million-plus to spend on a marketing campaign can still capitalize on the big game thanks to social media and some carefully orchestrated networking events.

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