There's no denying that Kevin Ryan is an ideas guy. Now he's got another idea--or at least he's borrowing one.

Ryan, the entrepreneur who came up with the concepts for database company MongoDB, flash-sales site Gilt Groupe, publisher Business Insider, and wedding registry Zola Registry, is now tackling health care. Specifically, says Recode, Ryan is launching Nomad Health, a matching service to help hospitals and clinics find temporary help.

As it currently stands, hospitals and clinics generally pay brokers to help find healthcare professionals for short-term work. Ryan has raised $4 million to build a web site to connect medical facilities with short-term help, and hopes that the hospitals will use the savings they gain to pay medical staff more. That, in turn, should encourage more doctors, nurses, and the like to sign up to use the site.

Unlike many of his past ventures, Ryan didn't come up with the idea for this one. Instead, Ryan was approached by Maxwell Laurans and Ryan Grant, both neurosurgeons, after a speaking engagement. They had the idea, but not the time or interest to make it happen themselves. Ryan said he'd get back to them. After some research, he figured out a plan: He would be the chairman and help the company raise money. They'd hire a CEO, and Laurans and Grant would be advisors and have board seats. The CEO turned out to be Alexi Nazam, a doctor with a degree from Harvard Business School.

That MO is similar to the one Ryan has used with his other companies. While Gilt Group was Ryan's idea, he hired Alexandra Wilkis Wilson and Alexis Maybank to run it. Similarly, after he came up with the idea for Business Insider, he hired Henry Blodgett to get it going.

Ryan also has a more technical business partner, Dwight Merriman, who is currently the executive founder and co-chair of MongoDB.