Welcome to the 221st episode of the Inc. Uncensored podcast, hosted by Inc.'s editor-in-chief, James Ledbetter.

Shorter shirts: That may not sound like a revelatory business idea, but don't tell that to Chris Riccobono, the founder of Untuckit. The Inc staff talks with Riccobono about shirts tailored to be worn untucked. In particular: the tactics and challenges of building a bootstrapped retail fashion company in an age of venture-fueled direct-to-consumer rocketships. Riccobono has one word for you: radio.

Next, Inc executive editor Danielle Sacks gives us her take on the recent acquisition of grooming company Harry's by Edgewell Personal Care Company, for $1.4 billion. Questions: If a company such as Harry's--and Dollar Shave, and Walker & Co Brands--would rather be sold than risk going public, do any of these supposedly disruptive companies have a real shot at disruption? Or will they continue to be folded into the big holding companies that already rule so many consumer brands?

And I'm editor-at-large Kimberly Weisul. For months, I've been working on The Fundery, the first-ever searchable database of venture funds that invest specifically in female-led companies. It launched this week, and we talked about how entrepreneurs can use The Fundery, how funds can get included, and why no one else has put together a similar database.

Our Like buttons this week:

  • A record number of public-company CEOs were forced from their posts in 2018 because of ethical lapses -more than were forced out for poor financial performance.
  • A ceremonial groundbreaking, featuring Jeff Bezos and a front-loader, gets downright surreal.
  • These robots can assemble your Ikea furniture. Thank goodness.

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