Few entrepreneurs ever find success entirely by themselves. New entrepreneurs are inherently inexperienced, and getting the experience necessary to be successful either takes decades of firsthand ventures (and oftentimes, dozens of failures), or the coaching and mentorship of someone who has been there before.

Thankfully, there's no shortage of startup coaches, consultants, and organizations hoping to change the landscape for startups, and help entrepreneurs achieve their dreams of success. Each one comes from a different background, and has a different priority when working with entrepreneurs.

These are just a few of their perspectives on what matters most for startup success.

Nathan Beckord Helps Entrepreneurs Become More Efficent

Nathan Beckord is the founder of Foundersuite, a collection of software platforms and tools designed to help other founders build efficent startups. His direction for the company arose out of his philosophy as a startup coach and advisor, and it's relatively simple.

Entrepreneurs are typically limited in two crucial dimensions: time and money. Assuming the integrity of the startup remains intact, any effort spent to reduce the demand for time and/or money, or free up more time and/or money to be used in other projects is ultimately beneficial to the company.

That includes things like cutting out unprofitable tasks and projects, optimizing workflows, and investing in greater automation and internal help.

Anna Nguyenova Relies on AB Testing and Automation

Anna Nguyenova is an operations and strategy expert who has built a new, robust approach to helping startups grow in a market that demands fast changes in response to new technology.

Relying almost exclusively on data-driven processes, Nguyenova is a proponent of continuous AB testing in multiple areas of the business (to quickly figure out what works and what doesn't), and encourages constant adaptability so startups never run the risk of going obsolete or succumbing to competition.

She also relies heavily on automation, especially in recruiting and operations, to minimize manual effort and maintain a fast growth curve. Her process has helped many LA- and Bay area-based startups scale and aggressively grab the market share, both in the US and Internationally.

Hamilton Chan Provides Brutally Honest Advice From Real Experience

Hamilton Chan, CEO of Coaching for Startups, believes one of the most important ingredients for startup success is having someone knowledgeable and experienced who you can communicate with and exchange ideas with honestly--and Chan tries to provide both that empathetic ear and the direct, sometimes brutally honest advice that entrepreneurs need to hear.

He comes to the field with a full lineup of entrepreneurial experience, having run a commercial printing business and exited two major tech startups early in his career. Now, he shares his experience with the up-and-coming executives and entrepreneurs who need it most.

Marcy Swenson and Dale Larson Help Entrepreneurs Discover Themselves

Marcy Swenson and Dale Larson work together as leadership coaches for Startup Happiness. With over 10 years of experience and roots in Silicon Valley, Swenson and Larson offer many of the same services that traditional startup coaches do, but with a few unique exceptions.

The duo helps startup entrepreneurs introspect and realize what they're looking to get out of the startup experience; they help entrepreneurs discover their vision, focus, and soft skills, and guide them through periods of reflection to challenge and reshape their beliefs.

Each coach you find will likely have a different philosophy, a different range of skills, and different experiences to help you achieve your vision. If you're just starting out, make sure you choose one whose values and ideals fall in line with yours. Your choices in coaching and mentorship could be the crucial ingredient that allows your startup to succeed.