In my career as a startup founder I've discovered 10 traits that a unicorn marketer must possess in order to be a major asset in marketing campaigns.

Unicorn marketers are magical creatures that help your company bloom into a billion-dollar business.

If you're ever lucky enough to find a unicorn in the wild, you want to hire that unicorn as soon as you can.

Here are 10 traits that the best of the best marketers will possess.


Unicorn marketers love to analyze data and trends, and they use to inform their strategy and messaging.

Whether it's diving into sales reports or pouring over site analytics, they're eager to use every scrap of data they can find.

Good Storyteller

At their core, unicorn marketers are good storytellers. They know how to captivate the attention of their audience and influence them.

No matter how complicated the service or product, they can break it down into something users can not only understand, but get excited about.


People can spot insincerity a mile away. Millenials are particularly adept at spotting inauthentic messaging, and are immediately turned off by it.

Unicorn marketers craft messages that are sincere and transparent, and in doing so, earn the trust of their audience.


You'll never hear a unicorn marketer say something can't be done.

They will always find a way to accomplish goals are set before them, even if there's a shoestring budget or a tight deadline.

Stays Relevant

Whether it's Facebook Messenger marketing or creating Instagram stories, the best marketers find out where their audience is and meets them there.

That includes diving into unfamiliar territory.


No matter how large the workload, unicorn marketers are clear on their objectives.

They are adept at prioritizing their tasks, and are able to reassign priority as needed.

Driven and Motivated

The best of the best possess an inner drive and fire.

They give every project everything that have, and are always looking for ways to improve, learn and grow (no hand-holding required).

Humble and Open-minded

Unicorn marketers are confident, but they're also humble and open-minded.

They're willing to take constructive criticism, and are always thankful for the opportunity to improve.

Audience in Mind

The best marketers have one thing in common: their audience is always at the forefront of their mind.

They conduct persona research and every message they write is crafted with those personas in mind.


You can have the best marketing campaign in the world, but it won't matter if no one sees it.

That's why unicorn marketers optimize their content for search so that their messaging is seen by everyone.

If you encounter a marketer that possesses all of these qualities, you've found yourself a rare unicorn. Hire them as fast as you can and watch your company grow!