When you hear the crazy success stories of some startups, it can be super motivational -- but also a bit demotivational, as well.

I mean, just last year we saw a 12-year old CEO build himself a $150,000 business. I talked with one of the founders of Acompli, who had built their business from startup to $200 million Microsoft acquisition in just 18 months. We even saw a high school kid take his $10,000 in after-school wages and turn it into a $300,000 stock portfolio.

All of these epic success stories, happening all around us -- so if you're not growing as fast as you had anticipated, you have to wonder where you could improve.

"If you're not getting punched in the face every day, you probably aren't doing anything worthwhile," says Eric Siu in just one epic quote from a new infographic, 101+ Actionable Business Growth Tips by Virtual Staffing. The firm put together this massive collection of advice from the likes of Bill Hunt, Ana Hoffman, Rishi Lakhani, Sujan Patel, Jason Falls and many, many more.

"Build relationships every step of the way. Have faith in serendipity!" says Bill Sebald.

"Be bold but do not make mistakes you can't recover from," says Mark Schafer.

"Ask 10 people you respect if your target audience is right. There's a good chance it's not. Or not enough," advises Jason Falls.

"After deciding on your prices for your services; stick to them - don't discount and offer bargains just to nab a client; that client probably can't afford you anyway," says Laurie S Hurley.

Learning from the experiences of successful marketers and founders before us can seriously cut the learning curve and allow you to focus on the tactics with the greatest potential for impact. From goal-setting to finding product/market fit to funding to marketing, this infographic has valuable advice from those in the field to help you concentrate your efforts.

Check it out:

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Image credit: Virtual Staffing