Ugh, Monday.

The weekend's over; it's back to the grind.

Now, I happen to love what I do, but since becoming a dad I have to say, weekends have become that much more precious. It just seems that I blink and they're over.

Whatever your particular motivation is for despising Monday mornings, you're not alone. It's such a tough day of the week that Monday now has its own hashtag, #MondayMotivation, and people are sharing some pretty awesome things to help get your new work week off on the right foot.

If Mondays are a tough day to hit the gym, maybe you need some personalized motivation, like Shaun White:

Entrepreneurs are going to love this motivational story of how two brothers built their idea into a multi-million dollar brand:

If you're facing adversity at work, you're going to love this motivational classic from Ghandi:

It's hard to get other people as excited about our ideas as we are. Here's another great #MondayMotivation message for entrepreneurs, especially if you have naysayers in your midst:

Helen Keller knew more about adversity than most people. This motivational quote of hers reminds us to keep focused on the positive, even when the negative begs for your attention.

You might not have it all going for you right now, and that's totally normal. There's this troublesome culture in tech and innovation where entrepreneurs are putting enormous pressure on themselves to be a billion-dollar success with every new venture. As Teddy Roosevelt said...

You probably remember Jonathan Goldsmith best as Dos Equis' most interesting man in the world. Turns out he's pretty smart, too!

Here's another great #MondayMotivation tweet for entrepreneurs. After all, successful founders often failed several times before finally finding the concept that worked.

The struggle is real.

This might be my favorite of all. Distractions are everywhere, constantly threatening to drive you off course. Even when you have to detour, get back to your mission.

And finally, in the words of the inimitable Muhammad Ali:

What gives you your #MondayMotivation? Share yours in the comments below.