Marketers know: organic search traffic is super valuable, but it's getting harder and harder to come by.

People are searching for answers to their every question and need, often while they're out on mobile devices and completely motivated to buy.

Where can I find a shoe store near me?

Who has the best pizza in Boston?

Who can fix a flat tire on the weekend?

Millions of queries are handled by Google day in and day out, and you want your business to appear in the organic listings as often as possible when it might be the best answer.

But organic search has become crazy competitive. Your listing is vying for space against an increasing number of ads, and the shrinking real estate available for search results on ever-smaller mobile screens.

What's more, you're up against other similar businesses, but they're not your only competition. Publishers and bloggers who write about related topics, review sites, social media posts, videos, product listings and more all compete for eyeballs on the search engine results page.

How can you stand out in all that noise and get the clicks?

I'm super proud to present an infographic I created alongside the fabulously talented Brian Dean of Backlinko. Brian is one of the most talented and insightful SEOs you could hope to meet. Together, we've come up with a can't miss collection of little known and sometimes counterintuitive click-through rate (CTR) hacks for marketers serious about making big gains in search this year.

These data-backed tips for improving your CTR in Google's search results are going to help you not only get your content in front of more of the right people, but compel them to click through to convert.