Chatbot technologies and AI keep advancing.

Maybe you're wondering if the time is right for chatbots for your business.

Here, 15 signs it's time to invest in a chatbot.

1. You have a blog.

A chatbot can function as a blog RSS blaster, giving your posts high visibility.

You can deliver them with push notifications on Facebook Messenger and get 8x the open rate of email!

2. You have an email marketing list.

Chat blast in the same way you always have with the same benefits as email blasting -- but in a more natural, familiar and engaging way!

3. You're doing Facebook ads.

Messenger ads are an ad format with even more to offer businesses -- contact info and opt-in to future messaging.

4. You're doing marketing automation.

Chatbots support marketing automation -- scheduling, reminders, surveys and more.

All that can be done via Facebook Messenger with a chatbot, where you'll get more engagement than with traditional means like email.

Chatbots plug into your other business systems to connect all your lead and customer data from your CRM, to lead management, email marketing, web analytics and beyond.

5. You're doing drip campaigns.

If you have a long onboarding process or a solution that requires training, you use drip campaigns to help lead users through the process. Drip campaigns work great with Messenger chatbots.

6. You're already doing on-site chat support.

What's better than an on-site chat support? Chat support on Facebook Messenger.

You save all chat history. You get people's contact info. You can message those contacts later.

Chatbots never make customers wait, not to mention the fact you can cut back on expensive operator staffing.

7. You have a healthy list of FAQs.

Chatbots are great at answering frequently asked questions. Just set up the page you want to trigger based on keywords.

8. You're interested in a more engaging conversion funnel.

With a Facebook chatbot, you can offer conversion forms in a natural and familiar interface. Woo!

9. You're tired of low email open rates.

The average email open rate is 10-15%. The average engagement with Facebook Messenger weighs in at 70-80%.

10. You want to offer interactive customer service 24/7.

Chatbots never close, and are ready to help answer your customers questions all day and all night.

11. You'd like more sales (who wouldn't?).

53% of customers are more likely to make a purchase if they're able to message your business.

12.Your customers prefer interacting with a chatbot.

56% of people would rather message than call customer service. Give the people what they want!

13. A live person can jump in any time and take over for the bot.

Chatbots allow you to scale your customer service.

The chatbot can handle all the basic queries seamlessly and a customer representative retains the ability to jump in any time and take over the conversation if things get more complicated.

14. Your competitors are doing it.  

Two billion Facebook messages are sent between businesses and customers each month.

If your competitors aren't using chatbots to talk to customers yet, they'll be using them soon enough.

Beat them to it.

15. You believe in meeting your customers where they're at.

Without question, they're on Facebook Messenger. With 1.2 billion monthly active users, this is a no-brainer.