The only thing certain about startups is the uncertainty. The vast majority of founders will fail their first time around, but why?

In a previous column, we looked at the biggest mistakes founders make that kill startups.

What if the thing standing in your way isn't a mistake or misstep you're making, though?

What if the only thing standing in your way... is you?

This infographic based on Paul Graham's eponymous essays highlights 16 different fears and emotions that can kill a founder's chance of success.

Why Not Start a Business

For example, someone (likely a funder) might say you're just too young for your startup. That's so ageist, right?!

Actually, if you react in an immature way, it's quite possible that they're correct.

Other criticisms might be that you're not determined enough, or not smart enough. Remember, these criticisms aren't always coming from the people around us - a lot of people are guilty of being their own worst critic.

Run through this checklist and see if any of these common fears and doubts are plaguing your startup dreams. If so, work on fixing them before you jump in!