Back in the late 1980s, over 60% of Americans reported they were happy at work.

My, how times have changed.

According to research group The Conference Board, just 45% of Americans are happy in their jobs today--job satisfaction is at its lowest point in two decades.

And yet we're conditioned to chase down jobs that are fun! Rewarding! Jobs we love, jobs that drive us to leap out of bed in the morning, thankful for another day to do what we love.

Do what you love and the money will follow.

If you love your job, you'll never work another day in your life.

Do what you love and you'll feel happy and fulfilled.

It's all BS.

If you're one of those fortunate few who truly love your job or business and get a deep sense of satisfaction from it, you are blessed--there's no doubt about it. I feel lucky to be able to count myself in that group.

But I've done things I hated, too. Most of us have had a soul-sucking, brain cell-killing job at some point in our lives. You toughed it out. It didn't get the best of you. You moved on.

Whether you're happy in your current position or not, it's important to keep its overall impact on your life in perspective by remembering that there are a lot of things your job just can't give you.

This is important because it can help you avoid falling into the trap of irrational thoughts like catastrophizing and "all or nothing" thinking, both of which can be psychologically crippling. Catastrophizing causes us to see or imagine the worst possible outcome, all the time. A perceived slight from your boss means they're trying to get you fired. A sideways glance from a co-worker means they're subversively working against you.

All or nothing thinking, on the other hand, is the negative self-talk that tells us that because we hate our job, our entire lives suck. I'm not succeeding at work and therefore I'm a complete and total failure.

Stop it. That's not helpful.

Instead, remind yourself of these totally amazing things you can get elsewhere or already possess--these things your job can never give you:

1.     Love

2.     Wisdom

3.     Self esteem

4.     Friendship

5.     Independence

6.     Social consciousness

7.     Freedom

8.     Ethics

9.     Honesty

10.  Compassion

11.  Imagination

12.  Logic

13.  Originality

14.  Sense of humor

15.  Discipline

16.  Enthusiasm

17.  Generosity

18.  Conviction

19.  Passion

20.  Sincerity

21.  Trustworthiness

All of these insanely valuable things are found outside of your work, so remember -- when your business or career is taking a toll on you, there's more to life. Sure, it feels horrible right now, but it won't stay bad... not if you concentrate on the great things you have going on in the rest of your life.