Google has long been cloaked in a certain level of mystery, between its legendary Google X labs and top-secret search algorithms.

A position at Google is still a dream job for tech and engineering grads around the globe. In fact, the company has a reputation of almost mythic proportions for ingenuity, innovation, and amazing work-life benefits for staff.

What's it really like at Google, though?

You might be surprised at just how little you really know about one of the world's most creative progressive brands. I know I was, and I've been writing about the company's organic and paid search platforms for years! put together this fun infographic of crazy facts you probably didn't know about Google.

It starts with the early days, which are eye-opening in themselves. Did you know that initially Google was capable of processing 30 to 50 pages per second--and now processes literally millions per second? The entire search engine was once housed on 10 4GB hard drives in a Lego casing. Can you imagine? Today, Google indexes more than 100 million GB of data. Its growth trajectory has been insane.

Beyond these historical factoids, you might be surprised to learn that Google actually rents a massive herd of goats on a regular basis, to help manage the weeds on the Mountain View campus property. If you've never been to that campus, you probably haven't met Stan either. He's just the local T. rex.

On the company itself, I was amazed to learn that it has been scooping up other companies at a rate of one per week since 2010. I mean, I knew Google made a ton of acquisitions, but that's wild. When he's considering an acquisition, CEO Larry Page doesn't even care much about the traditional details like cash flow or earnings. No, he gives it his own "toothbrush test." Sounds crazy, but obviously it works.

See how many of these interesting to downright-bizarre facts about everyone's favorite search engine are new to you:

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