Which marketing tips can help you? The ones backed by real, actionable data.

Data doesn't lie, and it tells us things like this: currently, only 21% of B2B content marketers are successful at tracking ROI.


Marketers are now spending 25% of their overall budget on content marketing, and a new infographic from the digital marketing trainers at Digital Vidya shares data-backed tips on how to make best use of that spend.

For example, search engine marketing is the most used paid content promotion technique; 58% of marketers use it. But marketers should also be using social ads, which can have a massive amplifying effect on reach.

Short, sharp headlines that are simple and optimized help content get noticed. These punchy titles resonate well and help content stand out where a lot of content is competing for readers' attention.

Guest blogging on popular industry blogs is another way to get in front of new audiences while earning valuable links back to your own website. It's important to do this right, though; Google has no patience for thin content or gratuitous guest blogging. Your contributions must be high quality, authoritative and relevant.

The infographic contains more great tips on:

  • Using long-form content
  • Syndication
  • Ideal content types and formats
  • Content strategy
  • Content promotion tactics
  • Visualizations
  • Influencer marketing

Check it out:

Image credit: Digital Vidya