If there's just one area of your blog you can focus on improving right now, I want you to really work on making your headlines totally irresistible.

You probably know they're important, but just to make sure you really appreciate the impact headlines have on the volume and quality of traffic you bring to your blog, consider this:

Eight out of 10 people will read headline copy, but only two out of 10 will read the rest.

That sounds pretty grim, doesn't it?

You really have to impress your readers right off the hammer, or you won't get another chance.

Earlier this year, I shared this awesome infographic with 74 clever blog-title templates that actually work. Now, I have some more great resources for you, this time from Elizaveta Perstneva over at SEMRush.

She's put together a collection of minigraphics illustrating her six top tips for writing perfect headlines, and within those, she's listed a ton of title templates you can use on your own blog.

Think of how these titles would appear across your social channels and in social ads, with your own unique take on them:

* 100 Useful _________

* _________ Facts and Myths

* How to ________ Like a Boss

* The Real Truth About _________

* A Cheat Sheet for ________

Sure, you should be coming up with ridiculously creative titles of your own, but you can't argue with results. These are proven effective and when you're feeling uninspired or struggling for an idea for your next post, these are super helpful. Best of all, they each offer the opportunity for you to make them your own with relevant content about your industry, niche, products, or services.

Check them out and if you have any creative headline tips of your own, be sure to leave them in the comments!

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Images credit: SEMRush