Some people are naturally more creative than others, it's true. The artists, authors, designers and architects among us tend to have some inherent ability to think in far more creative ways than left-brain thinkers.

However, creativity is more important in business than ever before. We live in an era of rapid-fire innovation, where the boundaries of our technologies are constantly being challenged and expanded upon.

Customers are more hyperconnected than ever; capturing their attention even for a few seconds has become increasingly difficult.

Start-up strategy, growth plans, advertising and more all require that people who excel in business and tend to think logically get more creative. Ideally, with some practice you'll develop a more balanced thought process, giving both logic and creativity head space as you make decisions and perform your duties.

If you're in a typically left-brain role--in finance, science, law, or engineering, for example--how can you give your creative side a kick start? Funders and Founders shares 31 ways to be creative in the infographic below, including:

  • Use What You Got--In the early days of a start-up, "what you got" might not be much at all, but make it work. Scarcity forces us to get creative and consider options we might skip over otherwise.
  • Destroy Creatively--This is one of my personal favorites. We think in terms of building and adding on when we're growing a business, but taking something apart and getting back to basics can be just as effective in finding a creative solution!
  • Stay Hungry--Experiencing success can lull some into a sense of complacency. Don't settle for small wins--accept them and keep thinking about the unique ways in which you can grow and build on them.
  • Don't Ask 'Why? 'Ask 'Why Not?'--Why go looking for obstacles to set in your own way? Ask yourself, why not? If there's nothing insurmountable standing in your way, go for it.

Check out all of these other ways you can get more creative: