Ronda Rousey is one of the most popular female athletes in the world. The 28-year-old UFC multimillionaire started at the bottom and, like any self-made entrepreneur, worked her ass off, eventually earning an Olympic medal in judo and rising to prominence in a male-dominated combat sport.

Rousey built herself into a household name as she piled up win after win in the UFC, with contests lasting mere seconds. She became Bantamweight Champion and revealed she is the highest paid UFC fighter. It seemed nobody could stop her.

But whether it's business or sports, failure is inevitable (so don't be afraid to fail). A record number of viewers tuned in to her most recent fight against Holly Holm.

Rousey lost. She was knocked out. The world was shocked.

After the defeat, Rousey promised she'd be back to kick ass again. And I'm sure she will. Whether it's in mixed martial arts or the startup world, resiliency is mandatory.

Despite one blemish on her win-loss record, Rousey remains extremely popular and successful. This dominant athlete has become a role model for women, addressing tough topics like domestic abuse and body shaming, all while developing mainstream celebrity status with appearances in movies and magazines.

Rousey also authored a biography earlier this year, My Fight/Your Fight. Her story is inspiring, but not just for athletes and women.

Here are 33 brilliant Ronda Rousey quotes that will inspire you to kick ass and win all the fights in your life and career.

Ronda Rousey on Work Ethic and Success

1. "The knowledge that everything good can be taken away at any second is what makes me work so hard."

2. "Everyone wants to win. But to truly succeed--whether it is at a sport or at your job or in life--you have to be willing to do the hard work, overcome the challenges, and make the sacrifices it takes to be the best at what you do."

3. "Most people focus on the wrong thing: They focus on the result, not the process. The process is the sacrifice; it's all the hard parts--the sweat, the pain, the tears, the losses. You make the sacrifices anyway. You learn to enjoy them, or at least embrace them. In the end, it is the sacrifices that must fulfill you."

4. "To be the best, you have to constantly be challenging yourself, raising the bar, pushing the limits of what you can do. Don't stand still, leap forward."

5. "Success is the result of hard work, busting your ass every day for years on end without cutting corners or taking shortcuts."

6. "No one is ever going to give you anything of value. You have to work for it, sweat for it, fight for it. But there is far greater value in accomplishments you earn than in accolades that are merely given to you. When you earn something, you never have to worry about justifying that you truly deserve it."

7. "I want to be a perfect fighter, and that's one of those unattainable goals because you will never be perfect. But I can always be closer to perfect."

8. "I like to be part of the change I want to see in the world. Not being afraid of criticism is actually a big advantage. I feel like I tried to be agreeable and failed--it failed me. And so I just did not give a shit and ended up succeeding a lot more because of it."

Ronda Rousey on Making Your Dreams Come True

9. "If you can't dream big, ridiculous dreams, what's the point in dreaming at all?"

10. "You have to fight because you can't count on anyone else fighting for you.... To get anything of real value, you have to fight for it."

11. "The kind of hope I'm talking about is the belief that something good will come. That everything you're going through and everything you've gone through will be worth the struggles and frustrations. The kind of hope I'm talking about is a deep belief that the world can be changed, that the impossible is possible."

12. "It is not about just winning the round. It is not just about winning the fight. It is about winning every single second of your life."

13. "I feel like I started doing this because I wanted to find a way to pay my bills doing something that I loved, and it's gotten bigger than that. It's gotten bigger than me."

Ronda Rousey on Handling Pressure

14. "I am not looking to escape the pressure. I am embracing it. Pressure is what builds up in the chamber behind a bullet before it explodes out of the gun."

15. "It is one thing to fight other people, but fighting yourself is different. If you're fighting yourself, who wins? Who loses?"

16. "No matter how much you try or what you say, people aren't going to fully understand you or where you're coming from. You just have to get used to being misunderstood."

17. "Everything in the world is information. The information you choose to acknowledge and the information you choose to ignore is up to you. You can let outside factors beyond your control throw off your focus. You can let aching muscles hold you back. You can let silence make you feel uncomfortable. By choosing to focus only on the information that is necessary, you can tune out every distraction, and achieve far more." 

Ronda Rousey on Confidence

18. "Once you start caring about people's opinions of you, you give up control."

19. "No drug or amount of money or favoritism can ever give you belief in yourself."

20. "How you feel is entirely in your mind. Your mind has nothing to do with your environment. It has nothing to do with anyone around you. It is entirely your decision. Making a change in your life is as easy as making a decision and acting on it. That's it."

21. "Some people like to call me cocky or arrogant, but I just think, 'How dare you assume I should think less of myself? The problem isn't me thinking I can achieve any goal I set for myself, the problem is you projecting your own self-doubt onto me.'"

22. "Somehow, self-deprecation is considered modesty, and my confidence was considered arrogance, and it's considered a bad thing to compliment yourself. We're always told to compliment everyone around you and talk yourself down. I don't know how we're expected to look at ourselves healthily if we're told to talk about ourselves negatively."

23. "You call me arrogant? I say it's an accurate self-assessment because I work my ass off to be as good as I am at what I do and I'm proud of myself."

24. "There have always been people who have written me off. They're not going away. I use that to motivate me. I'm driven to show them just how wrong they are."

Ronda Rousey on Staying Ahead of the Competition

25. "The moment you stop viewing your opponent as a threat is the moment you leave yourself open to getting beat."

26. "Don't you ever let anyone tell you that not doing your absolute best is good enough."

Ronda Rousey on Fear of Failure

27. "I'm scared of failure all the time, but I'm not scared enough to stop trying."

28. "People say to me all the time, 'You have no fear.' I tell them, 'No, that's not true. I'm scared all the time. You have to have fear in order to have courage. I'm a courageous person because I'm a scared person.'"

29. "Once you've conquered the worst things that could happen, there is no need to fear the unknown. You are fearless."

30. "I worry about [losing].... That's why I work so much harder than they do. And it's why I go to sleep every night worrying about every single possible scenario and I'm so much more prepared than them."

31. "The dog with the bone is always in danger, so of course I'm always the most worried."

Ronda Rousey on Setbacks

32. "There is nothing in my life that I would go back and change, even the darkest moments. All the successes and greatest joys in my life are a result of the absolute worst things. Every missed opportunity is a blessing in disguise."

33. "There were times when I knew I was in a terrible situation, but I also knew it wouldn't last forever. Those are the moments when you have to remind yourself that this experience is a defining moment in your life, but you are not defined by it."