You're not alone.

Coming up with original ideas to feed the ever-increasing content demands of your readers, subscribers, prospects, customers and social fans is hard work! The lack of a single customer view was cited as the top barrier to successful cross-channel marketing in a recent Experian study, and it's contributed to the skyrocketing volume of content we need to reach various audience segments where and when they prefer to consume content.

We also need to consider the devices on which consumers will access our content. Is it mobile-friendly? Is it visible and legible on small screens? Do you have longer form content for those who need more information to make a decision?

Of course, you then have to think of content formats -- whether the message you're trying to convey will come across best in written form, audio, video, visually, etc.

To that end, I found this awesome list of content formats infographic to help marketers get inspired and get out of the original content creation rut.  There are 44 different content formats in this visual, which you can keep as a cheat sheet and refer to when you need ideas.

It's also helpful for repurposing content. Make sure you're getting the most mileage out of your content by repurposing it for your different audience segments. For example, that webinar you hosted can be repurposed into a summary blog post. The images from the PowerPoint you used in the webinar can become standalone graphics that you can share via social media. You can release the audio portion only of your webinar as a podcast, perhaps with supporting collateral like an e-book.

Check out this list of 44 content formats you can use to add flavor and variety to your content strategy:

Image credit: Unknown