From ordering a pizza to scheduling a meeting, brands are using Facebook Messenger chatbots in useful and innovative ways.

With free chatbot software like MobileMonkey, it's never been easier to build a chatbot -- you can create one in a matter of minutes without having to write even a line of code.

Creating the chatbot, however, is only one piece of the puzzle -- you've also got to follow up with strategic promotion.

Drive traffic and traction with these genius ways to promote your Facebook Messenger chatbot.

1. Add a Messenger Button on Your Website

One of the simplest ways to get traffic to your Facebook Messenger chatbot is to add a button to your site, just like you'd add a social button to direct visitors to your social channels in general.

With a "Send to Messenger" button, users can connect with your chatbot in just one click.

You can either copy and paste embed codes from Facebook onto your landing page, or use plugins.

Don't stop there -- you can also add a "Send Message" button on your Facebook page.

2. Only Chat Blast Your Top Performing Content

One surefire way to lose Facebook Messenger subscribers is to be perceived as spammy.

Avoid this at all costs, and only share your best, top-performing content via Messenger rather than sharing every piece of content every time.

Facebook Messenger is the channel your audience will check most frequently and is most likely to engage with.

You never want to run the risk of getting blocked on Facebook Messenger, so be selective in the content you mass message.

(To that end, here's exactly how to identify top-performing content that stands out like a unicorn among donkeys.)

3. Use Click-to-Messenger Ads

Try using Click-to-Messenger ads to acquire new subscribers.

These ads are delivered straight to potential subscribers within Messenger.

Users who are interested will able to opt in to ongoing communication with your Facebook Messenger chatbot with just one click.

As you would with any ad, create compelling, relevant copy and target strategically.

4. Link to the Facebook Messenger Chatbot from Your Email Signature

Including a link to your Facebook Messenger chatbot in your email signature is a key hack.

List it right alongside your Twitter handle and other social links.

Or, if your chatbot is in development, you can add a link to Messenger and a link that directs people to subscribe to your mailing list for more updates on your chatbot's ongoing progress.

If you want to track the effectiveness of this, add a UTM or use a URL shortening service like to track how many people click on the Facebook Messenger chatbot link within your email signature.

5. Get Your Bot Included in Facebook's Discovery Tab

To get your chatbot listed in the Messenger Discovery tab on Facebook, you have to fill out a submission form.

You'll provide:

  • a brief overview of your chatbot for Facebook to review

  • a primary and secondary category your chatbot should be listed

  • up to 10 keywords

  • your bot's language

  • a brief description to be listed publicly with your chatbot

All this will help your chatbot gain visibility with the right audiences.

The Discovery section is currently available to U.S. users, but will soon be available worldwide.

There you have it -- five ways to get more traffic and traction with your Facebook Messenger chatbots. Go forth and chat!