The way we sometimes talk about extroverts, you'd think it's become a four-letter word.

Introversion has become more respectable. We admire the quiet, contemplative heroes and look down on those loud, abrasive extroverts.

And the ambiverts... well, they're just perfectly balanced aren't they? Ha! When was the last time you met anyone perfectly balanced, anywhere?

Don't let the shy guy hero-worship get you down. There are a lot of great things about being an extrovert, even if you can be a little over the top and in your face at times. You should be proud; don't let the haters get you down. Here's why:

You have staying power in social situations.

While the fragile introverts need to a day to recover after the sheer exertion of dealing with people like you and the ambiverts stand around engaging in perfectly moderated and balanced conversation, you are ready to GO... ALL... NIGHT!

Think of all the awesome things you would miss if you were always the first one to leave, or the last one dancing on the bar. How would you ever have gone golfing with the CEO if you hadn't just invited yourself along after work? You would never have met your awesome new friends at that all-night rager if you'd stayed home with your cat all weekend.

No, you don't need time to "recover" from having to interact with people. It feeds you and makes you even stronger to suck the life energy out of others. Suck away!

You don't try to excuse your quirks and flaws as the result of some hidden brilliance.

In fact, you really and truly don't care if others find it annoying that you use your outside voice inside. It doesn't bother you that people find you brash or obnoxious. Screw them! While they're quietly judging, you're out moving and shaking and making things happen.

Let them talk. Keep them preoccupied with your sheer awesomeness, the scope of which they clearly cannot comprehend, let alone appreciate. You're not going to pretend the reason you loudly shout across the room at someone is that you secretly have an enormous IQ, or any of the other fluff we regularly attribute to introverts to explain their weirdness.

You're just trying to get someone's attention. Simple as that--and it works.

People aren't constantly worried about you.

"Are you okay? Are you sure?"

Yeah, I bet you don't hear that very often, extrovert. Of course you're okay--in fact, you're fantastic! Everyone around you knows it. You're not sitting in the corner looking forlorn, answering repeated inquiries about your state of mind with a sigh and perma-sad puppy eyes.

If you stay in for the night, no one's worried that you're home suffering overexposure to human communication, or nursing a soul wounded by over-stimulation and interaction.

It can be exhausting trying to constantly figure out just what it is that's bothering an introvert this time.

People really like you. Or they hate you, but more often they really like you.

There's no question, people truly enjoy your company. You say what others won't say and they never know what you might do next. It's a laugh a minute!

Of course, there are those who don't appreciate your sharp wit and zest for life, but whatever. At least you know where you stand. You're so out there and in their face, anyone who has a hate on for you can't help but express it eventually. At least you don't have to deal with people talking behind your back; you push them to say it to your face.

Everyone knows where they stand and that's a very good thing. It's easier to ignore the haters that way.

When you hog the limelight, at least it's better as a result.

Sure, you might steal attention away from the bride and groom at a wedding, or from the guest of honour at a party. But everyone there has a way better time watching you be you than waiting for the first dance or plodding their way through small talk over dinner.

When introverts hog the limelight, they do it begrudgingly--remember, they DON'T WANT attention. No, please stop paying attention to me. I just want to sit here in this corner and quietly brood and look contemplative and perhaps a little sorrowful while insisting everything is just fine. Please, eat your dinner without guilt while I stare daggers at you and hate the world.

Ugh. Seriously, who has time for that?

When you show up the birthday boy, the room is in stitches at your jokes. If you're taking attention away from the groom, it's probably because you swooped in and stole the bride and planted a big wet one on her. It's all in good fun and everyone goes home having been entertained.

Be proud you're an extrovert and enjoy all of the opportunity and exposure that comes with it. Introversion is overrated anyway.