Want to double down your investment in Facebook Messenger marketing

Whether you want to get more contacts, increase conversions or use automation to scale your growth, Facebook Messenger marketing tools are the unicorn secret to success. 

Here, discover six tools I personally use for Messenger marketing. 

Facebook Messenger Tool #1: Comment Guard Chatbot

Comment guard is a Facebook Messenger tool that automatically responds to people who comment on your Facebook post.

The way to amp up the unicorn power of this tool is to post content on Facebook that basically begs for comments.

In one test, I posted a silly math question that had to do with how many animals were going toward the river.

As an extra teaser, I told my audience that they I would message them the correct answer if they commented.

The post blew up with hundreds of comments. Everyone who commented and then responded to my Messenger bot went directly into my list. For me, I was just posting on Facebook as usual, but I achieved 10x the level of results, unicorn style thanks to one Facebook Messenger tool.

Comment guard is one of the few ways that I know of to post ridiculously engaging content and simultaneously build your list with red-hot prospects.

Facebook Messenger Tool #2: Click to Messenger Ads

A click to Messenger ad is, at first glance, a normal Facebook ad. Instead of just clicking on an ad and being directed to a landing page, however, Click to Messenger ads start a Messenger conversation with a prospect.

facebook click-to-messenger ad preview

Research has proven that click to Messenger Ads perform far better than the traditional Facebook advertising methods -- as much as five times better.

You will need to use a chatbot to manage the replies and inquiries that you'll receive from Messenger ads.

Facebook Messenger Tool #3: Send Messenger updates and allow purchases from your ecommerce store.

If you run an ecommerce store, then this Facebook Messenger tool is your unicorn dream come true.

By integrating Facebook Messenger with your online store, customers can do the following directly in Messenger:

  • View product images

  • Make purchases

  • Getting order receipts

  • Receive order confirmations

  • Have a notification sent when their order is out for delivery

  • Periodic delivery and shipping updates

  • Asking questions about orders and delivery

  • Rating their customer experience

buy now button in facebook messenger

Messenger is often seen as merely a customer service mechanism, but with bot-powered ecommerce integrations, it can be so much more.

Facebook Messenger Tool #4: Chat blasting

Once you start to collect leads on Facebook Messenger, it's time to turn up the marketing heat (in a good way).

The best way I've discovered to do so is by blasting your contacts in Messenger. Sounds violent, but it's actually as docile as a unicorn.   

A chat blast is a bot technique that sends targeted messages instantly to a large group of contacts.

If you're posting in the news feed hoping to reach your fans, good luck with that. You might get 1% organic reach. With a chat blast, you'll score 70-80% open rates and 20% clickthrough rate in the first sixty minutes.

Donkey marketers can only dream of rates like that. Chat blast engagement rates beat email engagement rates like a unicorn beating a donkey in a race.

Facebook Messenger Tool #5: Facebook Messenger on a Wordpress Site

Most customers today prefer to live chat with an online business, according to research by J.D. Power.Live chat is the leading digital contact method

Using a chatbot is the most cost-effective method of handling most customer inquiries. Thankfully, it's incredibly easy to add chatbot functionality to your Wordpress website. All you need is the right Wordpress plugin for Facebook Messenger.

Install the plugin, set it up, and you're off to the unicorn races. Customer satisfaction:  surpassed.

Facebook Messenger Tool #6: Facebook Messenger Chatbot Templates

Okay, let's be honest. Creating chatbots is work. And it takes time.

I still encourage you to take the time and go to the work to make great chatbots. Don't be a donkey about it.

But you can do the smart thing and use templates.

Most chatbot providers have ready-made chatbots that you can plug in and flip on (after making the appropriate customizations, of course). Here are some of the most popular chatbot templates for specific businesses:

  • Real estate: allows buyers to view properties, schedule showings, etc.

  • Lead generation: collect a lead's contact information, invite to a webinar, etc.

  • Ecommerce: feature product galleries, gauge a customer's interests and preferences and make purchases

  • Salon: automate appointment settings, answer FAQs, select specific services

  • Auto Repair Shop: schedule appointments, get a customer's vehicle information and answer questions

  • Medical Office: create appointments, and answer questions about location, office hours, etc.

  • Gym: Provide updates about classes, facility information, pricing, membership application, and health evaluation

  • Coach: Get detailed information about a client's interests, health needs, or schedule a free consultation

  • Restaurant: Provide the menu, update customers about specials, make reservations, place online orders, and even provide a review


Facebook Messenger tools offer a lot of potential -- and it's not the kind of ethereal potential that someday-might-sort-of-actually-come-to pass. Facebook Messenger marketing is the real deal, and it's these Facebook Messenger tools that have helped me to scale, automate and grow my presence on Messenger.