You don't want to be the guy or gal playing 'left out' regarding the company softball team but you do want to be included in post work 'meetings' at the downtown pub. But, how can you tell the gang accepts you as one of them?

Actually, romantic and platonic signs of affection are pretty similar. Those engaged in a bromance text all hours of the day and night, and sisters of another mister ask one another out on lunch and weekend dates.

If you want to know you're down with the crowd, you have to watch out for the following signs coworkers are showing the love.

They Give Compliments

Whether complimenting your taste for shoes or picking you first for the flag football team, coworkers who really like you express acceptance through vocal and sometimes physical (a pat on the back or touch of the shoulder) signals.

Furthermore, inclusion in chain emails or invites to lunch and happy hour 'dates' are signs they're definitely interested.

They Ask You Out

You know you're in when asked to lunch or happy hour with one or more work mates. You may have dropped clues about your recent availability, especially if you just broke it off with a long-time romance that used to take up a lot of your time.

Whether you 'just happened' to be at the Applebee's by work on a Friday afternoon, or officially got asked via a group email, you know they're interested when you're out and hanging with them.

They Give a Big Smile

When they're interested in taking the relationship further, coworkers give big smiles when they see you in the office and come up with reasons to pop by your cube or office to share a quick inside joke.

Faces can't hide expressions of love and acceptance. You know you're in upon seeing their teethy grins. You even get textual smiles :)

They Text You

The office relation graduates from exchanging work emails, to IMs, and then private emails or phone digits, opening the door to casual frexting (or texting among friends). The frexting could be infrequent at first, until you're included in a group text with others, filling your little black phone with scores of new numbers.

Texting during working hours doesn't give any indication of special interest, yet receiving a jingle during evening or weekend hours says love is in the air.

They Get Nervous Around You

Coworkers who consider you long-term potential may appear nervous or extra receptive to your attention, offering to let you share their nail polish or buy an extra copy of the newest comic because they "know you like them too."

If you forget to return an IM, email, or text, you incite the neurotic inquisition of, "Is everything cool between us?"

They Get Jealous

Large companies, private lives, and the whole world offer opportunities to meet others, but coworkers who really love you make verbal jabs about your other circles of friends, obsessively inquire as to where you were last weekend, and feel downright threatened by your other platonic relations.

The around-the-clock texts, incessant lunch dates, the fact their new iPhone case eerily matches yours, and their token Facebook 'likes' reflects a potential for jealousy. When they expect you to choose the bowling league playoffs over your son's baptism, it's not you. It's them