Whatever you feel about his politics, the power of Donald Trump cannot be denied. A savvy businessman, he's proven that his marketing and personal branding prowess translate to the political sphere, as well.

He's the candidate so many love to hate, and yet Trump has built a massive following with his charisma, speaking skills, and sheer marketing genius. He knows how to sell an idea, even when it might not be the popular one. Many who don't approve of his platform and wouldn't vote for him still respect his leadership and business savvy.

So what can you take away from all of this? Tune out the screeching from both sides of the political arena for just a few moments and check out these seven Donald Trump quotes that will change your life and the way you sell yourself:

1. "What separates the winners from the losers is how a person reacts to each new twist of fate."

Tenacity is key in business and in life. Donald Trump understands this better than most--his real estate career has been a roller coaster of epic highs and devastating lows, but he always bounces back, usually bigger and better than ever.

2. "When somebody challenges you, fight back. Be brutal, be tough."

Great leaders rarely second-guess themselves and once they've committed to a decision, they're all in. Leaders like Trump have unflappable confidence and are perfectly comfortable going on the offensive when challenged because they know their decisions were well thought out.

3. "In the end, you're measured not by how much you undertake but by what you finally accomplish."

Over 51 percent of businesses will fail in their first five years and many of the same reasons are to blame. There's no market need, they run out of cash, or they fail to attract and hire the right people. Good intentions don't matter--what you actually see through and achieve will be the measure of your success.

4. "If you're interested in 'balancing' work and pleasure, stop trying to balance them. Instead make your work more pleasurable."

That elusive work-life balance is such a hot topic that there's an entire category of books dedicated to it on Amazon. But is it just a myth? Trump loves real estate and has used it as a platform for building a multibillion dollar empire that now spans many industries. Get busy doing what you love and your job or business becomes an exercise of your passion, not a series of tasks to be completed.

5. "I try to learn from the past, but I plan for the future by focusing exclusively on the present. That's where the fun is."

Planning is important, but living in the moment is key. You can only forecast and project and prepare so much--the most successful people are ready for anything, and able to think on their feet. Trump has thrived in a world where markets and deals can change on a dime, forcing him to adapt in real time.

6. "Speeches are much easier if you read them. I just find when I do that, it's harder to fire up the crowd."

People speaking has become one of the most critical and marketable skills for professionals of all kinds, from CEOs to authors and entrepreneurs. You might be more comfortable reading from notes, but as Trump has learned, you're a far more powerful and persuasive speaker once you've mastered the art of speaking authentically.

7. "A lot of people don't like to win. They actually don't know how to win, and they don't like to win because down deep inside they don't want to win."

Without drive, you have nothing. If you're not 110 percent into whatever is you're doing, be it a startup business or a job or a new product line, you will fail--that is certain.

Donald Trump wants to win. He won in real estate, he won in reality TV, and he just might win the American presidency. Only time will tell if he will succeed, but his desire for that win is undeniable. If you're able to channel that drive in your own life and business, there's no telling what you can achieve.