Software comes and goes... I mean, just have a look at the explosion of options in the marketing tech space. We've gone from about 150 to over 4,000 martech options since 2011.

But truly great software has staying power.

The Microsoft Office suite has been around since 1990, when Office 1.0 was released with Word, Excel and PowerPoint. Word has been challenged by WordPerfect, Open Office, Google Docs and others over the years, but it's still going strong. In fact, a new infographic states that over a billion people are using it the world over.

It also shares epic and lesser known Microsoft Word tips designed to make you a Word master and a more effective employee.

Word is probably one of the most universal pieces of software used in workplaces, but few have truly mastered it.

A bit of Microsoft Word help can save you time and frustration in completing those tasks you have to do in Word on a regular basis.

Even better, becoming a power user can help you stand out in the workplace. Enhanced skills are never a bad thing!

For example, learning how to break your work into sections can help you create cleaner, more organized and more professional looking reports and whitepapers.

There are times when the ability to switch between portrait and landscape layout can be super useful, too, like when you're writing a report but using wide graphics or financial tables.

Learning how to use Quick Styles can save you a ton of time, too.

Show your colleagues up and become the undisputed Word Master in your office. Learn how to create sections, switch layouts within a document, use Quick Styles and more with these 8 simple Word hacks:


8 Awesome Microsoft Word Hacks - An infographic by the team at

Image credit: Silver Door