Pokemon Go has been a game changer in so many ways, giving VR adoption a massive boost and driving crazy foot traffic into local businesses.

But what does that traffic mean?

Who are these people, are what benefit might they bring to a local business?

Pokemon Go is still so new that much of the hype for companies has just been speculative. However, a new survey and the accompanying infographic from Slant Marketing illustrates just who these business-visiting Pokemon trainers are, when and why they visit, and how businesses can catch customers by engaging these in-store visitors.

9 Pokemon Go Player Stats Businesses Need to Know

In this survey, 500 Pokemon Go players answered a series of questions designed to determine who they are and how they engage with businesses while playing the game.

Their responses may shock you!

  • The average Pokemon Go player was 29 years old with a household income of $52,430.
  • 84% of Pokemon Go players have visited a business while playing the game, and 84% of those players were women.
  • 51% of Pokemon Go players visited a business for the first time while playing the game.
  • 71% of Pokemon Go players have visited a business simply because there was a PokeStop or gym near the location.
  • 86% of Pokemon Go players have visited a restaurant while playing the game; 47% have visited a coffee shop, 38% a grocery or convenience store, 26% a bar or pub, and 23% clothing or accessory stores.

Catching a Customer: How Pokemon Go Lures Influence Business Visits

Could you have imagined some black magic just five years ago that would allow you to actually LURE people into your business?

This is the reality for savvy businesses using lures to their advantage (and those unwittingly benefiting from players setting lures in their location).

Here's how luring impacts Pokemon Go players as far as which businesses they visit:

  • 68% of surveyed Pokemon Go players had visited a business because there was a lure at the location.
  • 33% said they were lured to a business through Pokemon Go lures a couple of times per week, while 18% reported being lured on a daily basis.
  • 48% of Pokemon Go players who were lured to a business stayed 30 minutes or more!
  • On average, Pokemon Go players spent $11.30 at the businesses they visited while playing.

So how can you take advantage of the tremendous local marketing potential of Pokemon Go? Check out all of the surprising statistics and insightful tips in the infographic below:

Image credit: Slant Marketing