Coding isn't just for the supergeeks anymore--getting a little code under your belt is an incredibly valuable skill for marketers and any other members of a business team. You can:

  • Use HTML to fine-tune some wonky text paragraphs. Even the smallest bit of HTML knowledge can be helpful when dealing with finicky content management systems.
  • Communicate better with your company's programmers. Maybe you don't need to be a programming pro yourself, but having basic code literacy will help you relate to the coders in your workplace and better understand how and why bugs occur.
  • Optimize and test landing pages. Basic HTML and CSS are key if you want to optimize and test your landing pages. And trust me--you definitely want to be doing those things!
  • Cut down on IT managers. While you'll likely still need some head IT honchos, more coders means less workout for the IT team.
  • Empower creators. Understanding code opens up huge opportunities to create original, unique content, whether in the form of websites or through app development.

1. MIT open courseware

MIT offers free course content available for you to browse through at your leisure. Choose from courses such as:

2. Code Academy

Code Academy is a well-known first stop for those looking to begin their coding education.

Students can choose from several different track courses, focusing on:

  • JavaScript
  • PHP
  • Python
  • jQuery
  • Ruby
  • HTML + CSS

3. Khan Academy

One of the original free online coding resources, Khan Academy has come a long way. With easy-to-follow course sections with step-by-step video tutorials, Khan Academy is a great place to get started with your coding career.

4. HTML5 Rocks

HTML5 Rocks is a Google project, with Google pro contributors bringing you the latest updates, resource guides, and slide decks for all things HTML5.

The language tends to be higher level, so it's probably more suited to those with some previous experience. However, ambitious newbies are still welcome.

5. Coursera

The king of online education, Coursera offers free classes from dozens of universities across the country, with a healthy smattering of coding classes for those with the desire to learn.

6.  Udemy

Udemy offers a ton of great video courses on everything from personal improvement to computer programming. Most of the in-depth courses come with a cost, but there are often discounts and 50 percent coupons floating around the Web that can bring down prices.

There are also plenty of free courses which are well suited for beginners. Give them a shot!

7. Udacity

Udacity is another great source to jumpstart your coding cognition. You can pay for their guided courses, which include a personal coach to help you develop your skills and lead you in the right direction, or browse their courseware materials pro bono.

8. Google University Consortium

If you want to learn code, why not look to the king of the internet for help? Google's University Consortium offers free courses on:

The materials tend to be catered for more intermediate to advanced users, although there is a smattering of content for beginners too.

9. edX

edX offers tons of MOOCs, including courses on programming.

Current upcoming programming classes include:

  • Programming Languages
  • Programming for Everybody (Python)

Paid Coding Courses

While there is a ton of free coding educational content on the Web, there are some great paid offerings as well. Paid courses are usually more comprehensive and often provide some kind of expert support that is helpful when you're stuck or have questions.

1. Treehouse

Treehouse helps you pick a learning track and follow through. With videos, quizzes, and challenges, there is plenty here to keep you busy. They also help teach you about freelancing and business strategies so you can make the most of your new education.


  • Basic: $25/month
  • Pro: $50/month (extra talks from industry pros and access to exclusive workshops).
  • Free Trial: Get started with 2 weeks free!

2. Learn Python the Hard Way

Learn Python the Hard Way is a popular beginner's programming packet. For a one-time fee of $30 you get videos, a PDF, and an ePub. There's a money back guarantee too, so don't be afraid to give it a shot. Still not sure? You can read the e-book version for free! Pretty sweet deal.

3. Code Avengers

Code Avengers provides step-by-step instructions while guiding you through 60-plus hours of courses and helping you learn with challenges and games.

You can start the courses for free to get a feel for them, then pay $40 for levels 2 and 3.

4. Learn to code boot camps: intensive code courses to get 'er done

Want to become a coding ninja ASAP? You might want to consider one of the increasingly popular "coding boot camps." These real-world courses are intensive two- to three-month training camps in which students are immersed in the world of code.

Coding boot camps are a growing trend as the unemployed seek to make themselves more valuable in a difficult economy, and as companies look to expand the skills of their employees.

Some popular coding camps include:

There's plenty more not listed here--search around to see coding boot camps in your local area!