Money can't buy happiness... can it? It's an age-old question that's bandied about by everyone from Genevan philosopher Jean-Jacques Rousseau to rapper Jelleestone and still, we wonder. Can it? A new infographic drawing from the conclusions of over a dozen happiness researchers explains, among other things:

  • How experts define happiness.
  • Whether we can measure happiness.
  • Which experiences may be key to our happiness.
  • How satisfied different experiences make us feel.

Even an examination of how happiness is defined is inconclusive. A Gallup-Heahtway Global Well-Being Index from 2013, for example, uses wealth as one of the yardsticks by which they measure happiness. The UNSDSN World Happiness Report, however, looks not at individual wealth, but at GDP per capita. The UK's ONS Measures of National Well-being takes a higher level look at the issue, considering the economy and financial state of the nation as a whole. Other factors these researchers examined included social integration, health, employment, environment, social supports, the freedom to make choices and more. Earlier research highlighted above shows that experiences tend to lend more to happiness than possessions, with travel, adventure, group activities, events and activities all helping us lead happier lifestyles. What do you think, can money buy happiness? My personal opinion is this: it can't hurt!