How awesome would it be to wave your magic content marketing wand and make each of your blog posts go viral?

Yeah, that's never going to happen. Sorry.

However, there are a number of steps you can take to boost the viral potential of each piece of content--in fact, 21 steps, according to Backlinko. Its new infographic highlights 21 fairly simple optimizations you can put into practice to make your content more shareable, engaging, and likely to catch some viral traction.

You can use this like a checklist each time you write a blog post (or add some of these items to the list you already keep). There are best practices you're hopefully already employing in your content strategy: adding a colorful image above the fold, using short sentences in your introduction, and using emotional triggers to appeal to readers on a deeper level.

But some of the steps are less obvious, like this one: Publish long content, which is 76.8 percent more likely to be shared.

And this: Use images to boost social sharing, but also because a Claremont Graduate University study found that adding an image--any image at all--to a blog post boosts its credibility by 75 percent.

There are no guarantees that your next blog post is going to be the one that hits the big time. But you can increase the virality capability of every single piece of content you create by using these data-backed tips to optimize it for social sharing.

See all 21 tips here:

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Image credit: Backlinko