If you feel like people are creeping your profile, you're totally right; people visit Facebook profiles a staggering four billion times a day.

Facebook announced five new profile features this week, each with a distinct mobile focus, and all designed to make the profile experience just a little more awesome.

My favorite new feature by far is this: the ability to use a 7-second video loop as your profile picture:

Seriously, what could go wrong?


And that's awesome. Think about it; consider the possibilities. What could you do with a 7-second loop? I haven't planned it all out yet, but it definitely involves unicorns. And cereal. Possibly a unitard.

This is probably why Facebook is only letting a tiny group of people test this out right out.

Facebook promises a wider launch in the near future, though. In the feature announcement, product managers Aigerim Shorman and Tony Hsieh wrote, "Soon, you'll be able to film a short, looping video clip that will play for anyone who visits your profile. Profile videos will let show a part of yourself you couldn't before, and add a new dimension to your profile."

The social network is also making it easier for people to change their profile pictures to show support for certain events and movements, too. Citing the recent Celebrate Pride filter as its inspiration, Facebook designed a feature that enables users to change their profile picture for a specified time period, after which it will revert back to their old picture.

You could use this feature as a type of "vacation mode," for example, or to take part in social campaigns that matter to you. Sure, social activism has its critics, but people sure took notice of Celebrate Pride when 26 million people changed their profile pictures. It was everywhere.

Other New Mobile Profile Features

Alongside the fun new profile videos, Facebook also announced:

Mobile profile controls and a one-line bio. A new, customizable space at the top of your profile might show where you work, live, studied, etc., and allows you to control what information shows up there. You can now add a one-line bio to be displayed here, as well.

Front-and-center profile picture and Friends photos. Facebook's mobile profile updates included design changes to "improve the profile layout and better present information about you and your friends in a more visually engaging way," they said. One of those changes means your profile image is now centered on the mobile profile, rather than left-aligned. When people visit your profile, they'll also see your Friends right at top.

Featured photos. Start thinking about which 5 photos you want displayed prominently at the top of your mobile profile. Facebook added 5 Feature Photos that will be visible to people who just want to check out your profile.

Right now, only a small number of people in California and the UK have access to these features for testing. I know I can't wait for the wider rollout, so I can start filming my epic unicorn in a unitard being showered in Lucky Charms video.