Pitching angel investors isn't easy (trust me!), but new data can help you improve your chances of pitching to a receptive audience.

How much do you really know about specific angel investors and how can you increase your funding chances?

For instance, did you know that angel investors or groups are far more likely to back entrepreneurs who are located in their same state?

It might also be helpful to know which types of deals angels are currently after. Right now, high tech is hot, but energy and utility startups definitely are not-at least, not for angels.

The most active angel groups lately by sheer number of deals have been Angel Investor Forum out of Hartford, CT, Philadelphia's Robin Hood Ventures, and the Alliance of Angels from Seattle.

A new study on angel deals in the first three months of 2014 has just been released by the Angel Resource Institute, in partnership with Silicon Valley Bank and CB Insights.

Check out this infographic for more helpful insights on the current state of the angel market: