Tap into a hot marketing trend by using emojis to connect with consumers.

Humans have become pretty amazing over the last few decades, proving we can take in an ever-increasing amount of media and data and continue processing and functioning at lightning speed.

We now spend more than 490 minutes of our day (over 8 hours) consuming Internet media, according to a 2015 study by ZenithOptimedia. Of that, 5.5 hours is spent in video content. And when you consider all media, it gets really crazy.

University of California researchers recently revealed that "the sum of media asked for and delivered to consumers on mobile devices and to their homes would take more than 15 hours a day to see or hear." That's the equivalent of 6.9 million-million gigabytes of information, or a daily consumption of nine DVDs worth of data per person per day.

And that's what makes emojis so awesome!

We've been using them for years in emails, text messages and social media, but it's now becoming socially acceptable to use them in marketing, as well.

You just can't deny the power of an emoji -- a tiny, expressive visual used to make a point, break up text, and generate engagement. In fact, 75% of men and 84% of women told researchers at real-time emotional intelligence platform Emogi that emojis are better for expressing emotions than words.

Emojis are a great way to cut through the massive volume of text and information people are consuming and grab their attention fast. They convey your message instantly.

But how do you use emojis correctly and in a professional way once you start incorporating them into your marketing strategy? A new infographic from SproutSocial explores the world of emoji marketing and finds:

  • There are 1,620 emojis supported in iOS 9.1
  • 50% of Instagram captions include emojis
  • 65% of all social media content consists of images
  • July 17th is now World Emoji Day!

SproutSocial shares their best tips for social media managers looking to incorporate emojis into their content mix. See the full infographic for details:

Image credit: SproutSocial