Today, more than 3 million companies have LinkedIn Company Pages, which can help you attract new business, launch products, engage your existing customers and build your online brand. Here are five important sections of your Company Page to optimize today, making yours a stand out.

1. Company Page Description

In 2012, LinkedIn users performed over 5.7 billion searches within the LinkedIn platform. Your Company Page and the updates you post to it are also indexed by Google and other search engines, so use this real estate thoughtfully.

As with other search listings, your description isn’t just what will get you to appear in front of an audience--it’s what will convert them to action once they’re on your page. You have a 2,000 character limit here to describe your business and its offerings in a clear, concise and compelling way.

Remember to link to your other social and web properties here, as well.

2. Banner Image

LinkedIn already gives you a slot for your 100 x 60 logo, so it doesn’t make all that much sense to use an oversized logo again as your banner image. Get creative!

Your banner image is 646 pixels wide by 220 pixels tall. Remember, you can update this space and change it out as often as you would like. So while keeping within your branding guidelines, try using your banner image to celebrate a company achievement, showcase specific products, show off your company culture, visualize your slogan or otherwise visually tell people what your page (and your company) is all about.

3. Videos

Videos integrate well with LinkedIn Pages and people love video! Use 30 to 60-second videos to explain ideas, showcase products or attract recruits. Vimeo videos, SlideShare presentations and YouTube videos can all be embedded in status updates, as well.

4. Showcase Pages

Marketers who invested in building out their Products & Services tab have twice as many company followers, according to LinkedIn. It was surprising, to say the least, that they killed Products & Services tabs in April, 2014, removing them from all Company Pages who had been using them.

Fear not, though--LinkedIn immediately offered Showcase Pages as an alternative. These child pages allow you to highlight specific aspects of your business--a division, a brand, a product or service. Ferrari, for example, uses Showcase Pages for their Financial Services business division, the Scuderia Ferrari, Ferrari Classiche and more. You can have up to 10 Showcase Pages for your Company Page.

People can follow Showcase Pages just like Company Pages, so you should plan on sharing updates and interacting with followers regularly. Here, you’ll need a PMG, JPEG or GIF image at least 974 x 330 pixels in size for your hero image, as well as a 100 x 60 pixel logo and a 50 x 50 square thumbnail logo.

5. Company Info

Aside from your description, LinkedIn asks Company Page administrators to keep basic information up to date. This includes:

  • Company type, size, industry and operating status
  • Website URL
  • Company locations with complete address information

You can imagine what a poor user experience it would be if a searcher used your Company Page location information to find your store, but it was out of date.

Not Another Boring Company Page…

The LinkedIn opportunity is as great as you make it. We used to think of LinkedIn as a place to find jobs, but for marketers, it’s evolved into a viable social networking platform with a highly skilled, educated and oftentimes more prosperous audience.

Use the tools and features at your disposal to get in front of professionals to engage, inspire and hopefully convert them to new customers.