It's pretty hard to get by without at least rudimentary image editing skills, especially if you use social media. Each social site has its own unique way of displaying images, from your profile photo to cover images to the photos you post on the site and more. How can you keep them all straight? It's important that you do, because pixelated, blurry, or low-resolution images don't look good, especially if you're using social media for your business. Similarly, it just doesn't look professional to have your images unexpectedly cut off in strange places, with only parts of them showing. Social images are one place where size really does matter.

This handy infographic cheat sheet contains the recommended Twitter, Google, Instagram, Pinterest, LinkedIn, YouTube and Facebook image sizes and file sizes.

Keep your social media image sizes cheat sheet handy and the next time you're editing pics, you can make them the appropriate size for each network in one sitting--no Googling required!