Some people were just born to be entrepreneurs, it seems.

I certainly feel that way. Before starting WordStream, I did consulting to bootstrap the software side of my business. Starting and building businesses is what I was meant to do, and I can't imagine any other path in life I would enjoy quite as much.

It's why some of us try over and over and over again to find just the right idea--the right product/market mix to make it work. Most entrepreneurs fail on their first attempt to make a startup work. Many fail five, 10 times or more.

What if there were some way of recognizing whether you're wired for success as an entrepreneur?

This infographic from lays out the common traits of successful entrepreneurs.

Now, some of these might seem completely random and there's definitely the issue of correlation vs. causation to consider. But among the really interesting facts in this infographic, we learn that:

  • 50.1 percent of successful entrepreneurs have fathers with bachelors or advanced degrees;
  • 75 percent ranked their academic performance as in the top 30 percent of their class in high school;
  • 95.1 percent had earned at least a bachelor degree;
  • 71.5 percent came from middle-class backgrounds;
  • 60 percent said that working for others just didn't appeal to them.

Were there any successful entrepreneur traits that really shocked you? Share your thoughts below!