What's the best place in the world to launch a startup? I wouldn't blame you for saying Silicon Valley, or maybe even New York. Both are certainly hotspots of entrepreneurial activity. They're not the only places on the planet for founders to succeed, however--far from it. Talented founders live around the globe and surprisingly, those in each geographic region seem to have their own unique strengths. This infographic highlights the strengths and identifying traits of founders in the Americas, Africa and Australia, Asia and the Middle East, and Europe, based on a study of over 20,000 aspiring startup founders: Entrepreneurs in Canada and the United States tend to be more open than their peers in other regions and demonstrate a willingness to take risks. They also tend to be creative and receptive to new ideas. In South and Central America, startup founders are known as hard-working, detail-oriented and vigilant. They are the most conscientious, as well. European founders are far more extroverted than founders elsewhere. They're typically confident, sociable and affable. Founders from Africa and Australia are risk takers, but are also known for their emotional stability and ability to remain calm in stressful situations. The insights for this infographic were gleaned from Founder Institute's analysis of participant responses in their Entreprenur DNA test.